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Web Design in Egypt: Start Your Website Now!

Web Design in Egypt

A great business in Egypt with a poor web design is

Web Design in Egypt

This summer is yours! 5 proven solutions on how to keep your business going in Summer

In summer, businesses either slow down or boom! With a busy and dynamic season like summer, you should never miss an opportunity

how to keep your business going

4 Inspiring eCommerce Ideas that You Should Think about

Have you ever got interested in an awesome product or service and rushed to google it, but you found any?

4 Inspiring eCommerce Ideas that You Should Think about

Officially: After 25 years, Internet Explorer is Out of Service!

After 25 years of service, Microsoft officially puts the headstone for Internet Explorer!


In August 2020, Microsoft decided to

Introducing Google Currents after the Shutdown of Google+

In the digital world, things die to bring new ones to life! And that exactly what happened to Google+, the

introducing Google Currents after the Shutdown of Google+

What is a B2C/B2B Hybrid E-Commerce Platform?

Targeting both customers and companies is cool but running two different platforms for B2C and B2B is costly and takes

B2C/B2B hybrid eCommerce

B2B Vs B2C: Your Guide to Choose Your eCommerce Platform

Turning leads into customers in business seems to be challenging. However, its sales relationship is sustainable and of high value.

B2C B2B eCommerce Platforms

WooCommerce: The Ultimate Solution for your eCommerce Website

Whether you already have your eCommerce website, or it is just an idea in your mind, you must have heard

What is WooCommerce? The Ultimate Solution for your eCommerce Website

10 Things You are Definitely Losing by Not Using Magento!

Did you know that, of the 1 million highest-ranking eCommerce platforms, Magento occupies 19.64% in 2020 according to Alexa.com! Magento

10 Things You are Definitely Losing by Not Using Magento! Ecommerce platform

Top 5 ECommerce Tools to start your ECommerce Website Now!

It seems like 2020 is reshaping the definition of commerce, especially after COVID-19. Check out this list of different e-commerce

Top ECommerce Tools

5 Actionable Ways to Save your Business (During Covid-19)

A lot has changed over the last few months for most of the commercial landscape. The presence of Covid-19 has

Save your Business

How to Retail Sell using Facebook eCommerce in 2020

We are in the midst of incredibly tough times for everyone. A lot is lost in uncertainty including small to medium businesses.

Facebook eCommerce

Top 10 Most Popular Apps in Egypt 2020


You may be able to guess the most popular apps in Egypt, but there are major surprises on our

most popular apps in egypt

5 Inspirational Brands That Set Branding Rules

Branding is all about telling stories; ones that differentiate you from others. The most influential and inspirational brands are ones

Inspirational Brands

Apple Glasses: What we Know so Far

What’s the news?
Apple is reportedly releasing a new set of products that are bound to blow the minds

Top 5 Websites For Tech News 2019

Top 5 Websites For Tech News


Websites For Tech News

How to Grow your Business in the Summer

Tanning and more tanning; that’s how you get the summer look!

The problem is, business does not wait. You have a bunch of

Grow your business

Best Ramadan Advertising Campaigns 2019


Ramadan is always a busy season for advertisers. It is the holiest month in the year, but it is also

Ramadan advertising campaigns

Google Plus Shut Down: the Rise and Fall of the Social Network


For some time now, Google has been trying to find its own version of Facebook. Following other failed Google social

Maintain your Mental Health in the Workplace


Work is, undoubtedly, an extremely big part of our lives; it’s where we spend most of our time (according to

Best Apps for Young Mothers on Mother’s Day


For young moms, motherhood can be daunting. Thanks to today’s technologies, it can be a little easier to manage. On Mother’s Day,

What is the difference between logo and brand?

For most, they are the same thing. For others, they are indistinguishable. Let’s find out together the difference between logo and brand.


difference between brand and logo

Code95 launches Lafarge – Health and Safety Mobile Application 2019

In Code95, we are currently celebrating the launch of the brand new Lafarge Health and

Lafarge mobile application 2019

Step by Step Guide to Digitize your Business in 2019

The digital world is vast and filled with opportunity up for the taking. Smart businesses nowadays are ones that, not

Digitize your business 2019

3 Steps to Organizing Work Life in 2019

It’s that time of the year again; the time when you start setting goals and new habits to integrate into

organizing work life

How to Set your 2019 Career Goals

“New Year, new me” is a bit overdue at this point. But we have to say, it does tickle our

2019 career goals

New Year, Digital Premier – Affordable Digital Transformation 2019

With 2019 fast approaching, we wanted to offer your business a whole new digital experience. To celebrate the New Year,

New year

New Year, Digital Premier – Affordable Digital Transformation 2019

With 2019 fast approaching, we wanted to offer your business a whole new digital experience. To celebrate the New Year,

New year

Will IGTV compete with Youtube? (4 arguments that say yes!)

Instagram vs Snapchat
A couple of years ago and completely out of the blue, we have been surprised that Instagram has

2018 Social Media Trends

As we wrap up 2018, the Social Media scene is a lot different than it was at the beginning of

Social Media Marketing: Get started on Youtube now!

Youtube has become more than a search engine and more than a free video hosting platform. It has become a

Essential Project Manager skills according to our Sr. Project Manager

Being a Project Manager is not an easy task.


As we go about our day in the office, we

ما هو المتجر الالكتروني؟ مميزات وعيوب

ما هو المتجر الالكتروني؟ وكيف نجحت به الشركات الناشئة وأصحاب الأعمال في صنع اسمًا قويًا ومكانة خاصة بها

ما هو المتجر الالكتروني

Rocket Shops … إنشاء متجر إلكتروني متكامل في 7 أيام فقط

إنشاء متجر إلكتروني لمشروعك وابدأ البيع فوراً.
عشان تكبر مشروعك وتوصل لأكبر عدد من العملاء وتبيع وتوصل

إنشاء متجر إلكتروني للبيع

خطوة بخطوة إنشاء أول إضافة لمتصفح الكروم

ھل لاحظت وجود مربعات صغیرة بجانب الـ  Address Bar بتاع متصفح

كل ما تريد معرفته عن الـ Gamification

أحد التقنیات الحديثة التي ظھرت في السنوات الأخیرة ، وظھر لھا فوائد عديدة في نجاح وتطوير بعض التطبیقات والألعاب والمواقع

أربع تطبيقات ممكن تساعدك فى شهر رمضان

شهر رمضان الكريم على الأبواب, بعد كام يوم من دلوقتى هنكون بنحضر الفطار والشوارع مليانة زينة و أنوار و فوانيس.

اليوم العالمي للتوحد: 5 تطبيقات للتواصل مع المصابين بالتوحد

يوم 2 إبريل هو اليوم العالمي للتوحد, بدأ الإحتفال باليوم ده فى 2008 بعد إجماع جميع الدول الأعضاء فى الأمم

Autism Apps

انشاء موقع متجاوب ليعمل على الهواتف و التابلت افضل

إزاي اخلى الموقع بتاعى موقع متجاوب (Responsive) علشان يتقرى على الأجهزة الصغيرة؟

تعرف دلوقتي ان في معظم المواقع 80% من مستخدمينها بيفتحوا الموقع من

كيفية انشاء موقع متجاوب على الهواتف والتابلت

gulp هو سر المبرمجين علشان يوصلوا بمواقعهم لأحسن سرعة في التحميل

عمرك فكرت قبل كده ازاى اسرع الموقع بتاعى، ازاى اخلى التحميل يبقى احسن واسرع من باقى المواقع، أو ازاى اقدر اوصل لعدد ثواني

اهمية ال gulp للمبرمجين للوصول لسرعة تحميل عالية

هل يستطيع المبرمجون الإستغناء عن الفلاش في إظهار الجرافيكس؟

 من فترة كده الناس إتكلمت عن جزء الفلاش اللي موجود في معظم مواقع الإنترنت، واللي كان بيستخدم في إظهار إعلان

هل يستطيع المبرمجون الإستغناء عن الفلاش في إظهار الجرافيكس في مواقع الانترنت؟

ايه أحسن طريقة فى إدارة المشروعات ؟

إدارة المشروعات
إدارة المشروعات موضوع من أكثر الموضوعات دراسة، اللي هو اسمه Project Management، أنا هتكلم هنا

يوجد اكثر من طريقة مناسبة ل إدارة المشروعات الخاصة بك

ما الفرق بين HTML5 و HTML4 ؟ و ما هي مميزات HTML5؟

الموضوع هنا مش هيبقى مخصوص عن لغة الـ HTML أكتر ما هنتكلم هنا عن ايه الجديد في HTML5  ، وكمان

مميزات لغة HTML4 و HTML5


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