Code95 launches Lafarge – Health and Safety Mobile Application 2019

Lafarge mobile application 2019
February 03, 2019

In Code95, we are currently celebrating the launch of the brand new Lafarge Health and Safety mobile application 2019; an internal application designed specifically for the employees to limit the occupational hazards.


The application has three main purposes:


  • Encouraging Reporting:


The application is essentially one that will make the reporting process so much easier. It will facilitate and encourage submitting reports about unsafe situations in order to prevent accidents from occurring. On the other hand, the application will also facilitate solving the issues reported before they take more drastic forms.



  • Minimizing Accidents:


By reporting unsafe situations the rate of accidents will be automatically minimized. And the rate of accidents is one of the factors that affect the lead indicator.




The lag indicator (the end result) can’t be controlled; for it represents the end result. In other words, the lag indicator is a consequence of certain actions which are the lead indicator (the actions taken to reach the end result). The lead indicator can be predicted and influenced; thus it can be controlled.

Through this application, Lafarge means to track and in turn improve their lead indicator for better end results. This will be done by increasing the engagement of employees, and encouraging them to take action against unsafe situations.


The Lafarge Health and Safety mobile application 2019 can be easily accessed by their employees.

How to use Lafarge mobile application 2019:

Lafarge Health and Safety



  • Authentication:


The application will allow access to Egyptian employees, International employees, and contractors alike. Users will be given access to the application by either entering their national ID number, email, or scanning their QR code; therefore their information will be automatically generated from our database.

Lafarge mobile application


  • Settings:


Lafarge’s employees come from diversified backgrounds, so upon using the application for the first time, they will be given several choices regarding their usage. They can choose the language of the application and whether to turn on or off the notification sounds and the GPS.

Lafarge settings


  • Personal Profile:


Each employee will have an automatically generated personal profile upon authentication. Personal profiles include: name, position, age, joining date, location, manager, phone number, email, and blood type.

Lafarge Personal Profiles


  • Homepage:


The homepage will be easy to use, you can either choose to report, check your dashboard, check your library, or make an emergency phone call. This will make the Lafarge mobile application 2019 clear and direct for users.

Lafarge Homepage


  • New Report:


Upon choosing to report, the user will be given a set of categories to choose from, the user will have to identify in what category does this report fall into. Then he will be required to take a picture of the incident, write a description of the issue, and mention if any other users are present with him. The rest of the information: date, location, and action owner, will be automatically generated.

Lafarge new report


  • Action Owner’s Dashboard:


Upon sending the report, the Action Owner will be notified that a new report that needs his attention has been submitted. The Action Owner will view it and decide whether to re-assign it to someone else, give it a time frame in which he will solve it, or to simply start solving it on the spot. Of course, all of the previous decisions will be administered and approved by the admin. If the Action Owner chooses to solve the issue, he will have to send a visual proof that it has been solved.



  • Library:


Another button on the homepage is the library. The library will contain any documents that the admin will feel the need to have all of the employees read (i.e. H&S Rules). This page will contain the same documents for all users to access at anytime they need to.



  • Emergency:


The last action that can be taken from the homepage is to make an emergency call. Upon pressing that button the user will be presented by all the numbers he can contact in each area.



  • Enhancing the KPIs:


The application’s system is bound to serve its intended purpose and objective. Three of the most important evaluation tools that will help measure the application’s success are:

  1. Pointing System:


With each report submitted and action taken the Reporter and the Action Owner will each be given a certain number of points. The number of points given varies according to a neat categorizing system that groups accidents into levels based on their severity. Thus we can ensure that employees are more likely to report than not.

Lafarge tracking


2. Tracking Solutions:


When the Action Owner starts coming up with a solution for a certain reported issue, each step he takes will be administered and should be approved by the admin. This closely guarded system will ensure the effectiveness, correctness, and reliability of each solution given.

Lafarge solving


3. Calculations:


Through a carefully studied system, Lafarge will be able to calculate the action effective closure and the subordinate index through its mobile application 2019. These two calculations will help them directly calculate the leading indicator.


In brief, this application will get the employees to report more. This way, Lafarge will be more aware of what causes accidents, and will be able to provide effective solutions. And in the grand scheme of things, this cycle will lessen the rate of accidents and thus influence their lead indicator.

Mai Hesham

Originally a bookworm, Mai Hesham is a copywriter at Code95 with a tendency to daydream about unicorns, wizards, and other irrelevant things.


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