Step by Step Guide to Digitize your Business in 2019

Digitize your business 2019
January 14, 2019

The digital world is vast and filled with opportunity up for the taking. Smart businesses nowadays are ones that, not only, grab those opportunities, but also take initiatives in the newly discovered grounds.


A company like Swvl, committed to being a cairo-born unicorn company, is based solely on reinventing public transportation through online platforms. A start-up founded in 2017, Swvl receives tens of millions of investment funds for a business based and operated online.


Having an online presence these days is not just about updating your Social Media accounts every now and then. It is about offering your complete experience online, which soon enough will be the only way to go for almost every industry.


We are here to help do just that. Let’s start with this step by step guide on how to digitize your business in 2019.


Step 1: Find your brand

Your brand is your story.


Your business should have an inspiration and a vision that sets it apart. Imagine your business is a person that interacts with and helps others in their community.


To digitize your business, keep in mind that your branding elements should reflect that special quality. Those branding elements are the vibe you send out through your logo, slogan, color palette and direction.


The team you choose for your branding should help you discover your brand and translate it through coherent words and expressive designs. But don’t make these common branding mistakes.


Step 2: Launch your website

Need, convenience and quality are the keys to any successful business.


Your business website should tick off exactly those keys. Your consumers should feel a need to buy your product or service. They should find it convenient through your website’s easy access, informative content and purchase method. Finally, they should be satisfied with the quality of their purchase.


In the case of Swvl, for instance, their website is simple but straight to the point. It has all you need to figure them out and try out what they’re offering. It is merely a gateway for their mobile application but its simple design and direct CTAs are inviting and practical.


digitize your business 2019


In another case, an Ecommerce website should help your consumer through every phase of their purchase cycle, like: finding all the information they need on what they’re after or simply finding it easy to click on what they want. So, elements like UI\UX design are essential for the success of your website.


Check out these excellent Ecommerce websites in the Middle East for inspiration.


Digitize your business 2019


Bottom line is…


Whatever type of website you have, it should fulfill the need of your consumers and reflect your brand’s identity.


Step 3: Reach your audience

SEO – Optimize your website for search engines

Having an awesome website is a great step but what follows is even more crucial.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a optimizing your website’s content for search engines to appear in the first pages of your consumer’s searches organically. It constitutes both technical and creative approaches to increase your website’s traffic.


Digitize your business through a website but make sure it shows up for your audience through SEO.



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Digital Marketing – The power of Social Media

“Advertising is not dead, but it is taking the backseat.”


Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for marketers these days. It is fast, easy and fun.


But it is not that simple…


A full strategy, composed of demographics, goals and KPIs, is only the beginning of breaking into the world of Social Media.


Here’s the deal:


Content that hits home with your followers is the only way to get genuine exposure on Social Media. This kind of content can be achieved through carefully studying your brand’s audience; the people who would be sincerely interested in your product or service, and catering your content to their needs.


A follower who chose to follow because your content helped them out in some way is a gem. That kind of follower will, not only, support and purchase what you’re offering, but also, act as a promoter for your brand. Whether you present your content through Youtube, Instagram or blog, it needs to provide unique insight or actual value.


And that’s how you know you’re doing Social Media right!


Step 4: Mobile Application

Let’s take a second to recognize that in 2018, 52.2% of all online traffic was generated through mobiles around the world.


That means that the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially and the technology accompanying it. Everything has an app now and for good reason. You can order food or pay for your bills through apps. It is the most convenient form of online platforms for users.


digitize your business 2019digitize your business 2019


Putting your business right in the pockets of your users is a great step to digitize your business.


Step 5: Secure your online presence

In the midst of all the internet scandals surrounding security these days, securing your online presence is extremely important.


Reliable cloud hosting keeps your website up and running, takes care of any bugs and ensures the safety of your users’ information.


To digitize your business in 2019 is not an option. It is the way of the future.


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Dina Nour

Dina Nour is a Content Writer at Code95. She writes blog posts dedicated to helping Code95 readers learn and apply Marketing fundamentals. Her interests include internet memes, more internet memes and even more internet memes.


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