Augmented Reality: interactive experience in Automotive industry

Augmented Reality
August 07, 2018

Augmented reality technology is booming massively. It has invaded multiple industries recently, allowing many businesses to leverage from the facilities and the advantageous experience it offers.

No wonder one of these beneficiaries is the automotive industry. It is quite obvious that AR has great impact in this field driving this industry to be lucrative by best featuring the car models; consequently, initiating customers to boost their purchasing actions influenced by the interactive experience and the captivating presentation that ultimately offers a true value to the customers.

So let’s shed some light on how Augmented Reality is applied in the automotive industry. As well as how it can notch up your sales performance:

Augmented Reality Manual

Extensive manual for the car right in your customer’s hand!

With just one click on the AR button and directing the camera phone to any part of the car, your customers can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Get any required illustration and comprehensive detailed explanation for the car parts names and it’s specifications.
  • Take a glimpse of how the car actually operates through an interactive manual experience. They can also take a screenshot for the manual to keep it as a reference in the future.

Augmented Reality Brochure

Turn your static brochure into an immersive dynamic experience!

Augmented reality brochure is a very beneficial solution for your automotive business, because:

  • It is time effective solution. You spare all the time taken to describe the car’s specs to your prospects and let them acknowledge everything about the car through the AR experience.
  •  Augmented Reality enhances the purchasing decision for your indecisive customers or prospective buyers. Since they can examine the car profoundly through a close to real 3D model along with its features.
  • Customers can also open the car lights and doors. Besides changing the car color to choose their favorite one.

Augmented Reality showroom

Let your customers interact with a true to size car model!

Bridging the virtual world with the real world via AR showroom is one of the most innovative marketing tools that helps in the following:

  • Augmented reality is the best to showcase and present the car distinctively without even using a marker.
  • Customers can truly engage and visualise a true to size car as if it is real on the road or any wide area.
  • Customers can also inspect many aspects of the cars and it’s specked.

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