Top 10 Most Popular Apps in Egypt 2020

most popular apps in egypt
March 23, 2020


You may be able to guess the most popular apps in Egypt, but there are major surprises on our list. Let’s discover the trends kicking off 2020 and analyze their popularity!


Why do I want to know?

Well, we have a couple of reasons.

  1. Awaken your inner entrepreneur:

Getting a glimpse of what is most popular is sure to awaken your inner entrepreneur. It helps build your mindset on what is trendy and what is here to stay. Identifying trends and social behavior is one of the key elements of an entrepreneur. So if you want a cool new business idea, this list is for you.


2. Get in touch with the “now”:

You may think that highschoolers are the people setting the trends these days, but we think it is bigger than that. A great way to get in touch with the current wave of trends is to see how people are behaving on their phones and what they are doing on them. Whether it is highschoolers, millennials or boomers, the numbers do not lie.


Top 10 Most Popular Apps in Egypt

  1. Whatsapp

This one is obvious. 


According to the numbers, Whatsapp is the most popular mobile application in Egypt, which comes as no surprise since it is the most common way of communication these days. 


Whatsapp has kept its identity and functionality throughout the years despite the “From Facebook” screen that grabs your attention. As Facebook declines in popularity due to the controversy surrounding it and its lack of improvement over the years, Whatsapp is taking over; even as a marketing tool. 


2. Facebook

Facebook is not going anywhere, for now.


It is ranked #2 application on the Apple Store. It will definitely continue to be one of the most popular apps in Egypt for a while. Facebook is still the best and most broad way of communication since you can share status updates, pictures, videos and more through the app. Its corresponding messages app, Messenger, is a direct competitor for Whatsapp and ranks #3 on the same list.


3. Soundcloud

Streaming services are taking over the music industry and shaping the way people consume music.


It is slightly surprising that the #1 streaming application in Egypt is Soundcloud. Beating Anghami (ranked at #26) by appearing at the 6th place according to Similar Web’s list. Despite Anghami, Deezer and Spotify making strong marketing schemes and competing fiercely in the Gulf market, Soundcloud seems to take the lead in Egypt, making it on the most popular apps in Egypt.


4. Brain Out

“Can you pass it?”


This may come as a surprise but you can use your phone for more than emails and social media. This IQ game designed as a tricky puzzle game with lots of brain teasers and riddles is addictive as it fun.


It ranks at a staggering #7 with a 4.6\5 rating on the Apple store.


Similar brain-challenging apps such as Pull the Pin and detail-oriented games such as Woodturning 3D rank at #15 and #18 respectively.


5. Tiktok

It may not be the most popular social media platform but it is the most fun right now. Just ask your nephew or niece. 


While Youtube and Instagram are higher in the ranking than Tiktok, it has managed to beat Snapchat for the #8 position.


Tiktok is behind a lot of the most recent trends online. From memes to dancing, Tiktok is a platform that supports creativity, where anyone can create the content they want and love. This makes the platform special to its users and sets it apart from its other competitors.



PUBG is one of the most recent phenomena to hit Egypt.


Despite being below Hunter Assassin on the list, there is no denying its cultural impact throughout 2019. It remains a fan favorite so we don’t anticipate it going away any time soon.


Not only is it one of the most popular apps in Egypt, but it is also one of the most influential. The game has turned into memes, comedy sketches and common catchphrases.


It is currently #11 on the most popular apps in Egypt list on Similar Web.


7. Uber

Just like Amazon is the king of e-commerce, Uber is the king of transportation in Egypt.


Even beating Google Maps, it ranks at #16 while Careem, its direct competitor and most recent acquisition, ranks at #40. 


Uber’s reputation in Egypt is far from perfect. Every now and then some concerns arise regarding its standard of quality and its level of safety. However, despite these accusations, it remains the most commonly used of its kind.


8. Otlob

Well, Uber Eats just recently launched its service but it will be hard to beat Otlob.


To give you an idea of how popular Otlob is, consider this; it ranks at #31 while OLX ranks at #34 and Souq ranks at #35. 


Egyptians do love to eat!


Similarly to Uber, there are some concerns from users to the quality of the service, especially regarding its customer service. But there seems to be a noticeable improvement in the second half of 2019. Let’s see whether Otlob can up its position even further in 2020.

9. Shahid

Beating Netflix by two positions, Shahid is playing the local card.


While Netflix has come a long way since its launch in the Middle East, it still lacks a lot of the localization needed to cement its place in Egypt.


Shahid, presented by MBC Group, ranks at #36 on the Apple store. The app allows users to stream and download films, series and documentaries, some original Shahid productions and others not.


These original Shahid productions are attracting a considerable amount of users since the beginning of 2020 and it looks as if it will continue its ascend throughout the year.


Labeled “the new delivery experience”!


MRSOOL is an app that allows you to order anything and have it delivered anywhere. From food to stationery items to car parts, it delivers anything you might need. Operating in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, it ranks at #37 on the App Store.


One reviewer wrote:

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