Best Apps for Young Mothers on Mother’s Day

March 21, 2019


For young moms, motherhood can be daunting. Thanks to today’s technologies, it can be a little easier to manage. On Mother’s Day, we rounded up the best apps and the most helpful for young mothers in every aspect of their motherhood.

Join a community of young mothers

Rahet Bally

Rahet Bally


The Rahet Bally story is one that touches all mothers. This website and application is a hub for all the young mothers in Egypt. It provides them with psychological support as well as solving a lot of the issues that face them.


On Rahet Bally, mamas can find discounts on all their favorite maternal stores, book transformation programs for their health and find nutritional plans to alter their lifestyle for the better. Not only that, Rahet Bally also offers programs for mothers-to-be. That means that all mothers in Egypt have a shared community where they can benefit and add value.

Follow up with your pregnancy

9 Months by Super Mama

Don’t stress out over the little stuff!


This app allows you to follow up with you and your baby’s health along the duration of your pregnancy. It provides upcoming mamas with information from the Super Mama Blog and a forum where women can discuss and help each other through their pregnancies.

Give your baby undivided attention


Between keeping up with their youngsters’ health as well as their own, mothers have so little time these days. That means, trips to the grocery store can be extremely stressful.


Get off work late, rush to the store, find parking, consume more energy finding the best price and quality products and make the same nerve wracking trip back home. Well, mothers have a better option, GoodsMart.



GoodsMart is a smart and easy online grocery shopping app where mothers can save time, energy and effort on their groceries. It is the perfect alternative to that tiring supermarket trip. GoodsMart operates primarily in October and Sheikh Zayed but we have no doubt they will soon expand to other areas.




Yum, yum, yum


If you forgot to restock your GoodsMart box, you are not out of options!


Yumamia is an app where you can get junk-free food delivered to your doorstep. That means, families can enjoy clean and diverse meals just like mama would’ve cooked them herself.


This is the perfect solution for busy mothers who don’t want to sacrifice the health of their little ones to junk food. Yumamia is the one of the best apps to eliminate the “what are we having today?” question.

Don’t settle for any nanny


Traveling or busy parents suffer the most, don’t they? Between attempting to offer the best for their kids and trying to always be there… It can get too exhausting. Nannies are always an option, but are they the best option?


Orcas is one the new best apps in Egypt that offers babysitters and tutors for struggling parents. They “are always with you”. Their selection of babysitters and tutors are trained, diverse, experienced and background checked.


Leaving your little one with a babysitter doesn’t have to mean just passing time until you get home anymore, it can be a productive time with Orcas.

Always prioritize health



Mothers have a superpower no one has, they can spot a strange cough or an odd breathing pattern. They are superheroes who deserve super ideas and that’s where Vezeeta comes in.


Vezeeta is a quick and easy doctor booking app in Egypt that helps parents find and schedule appointments with doctors in so many areas.

Think and it shall be




Glovo is a revelation!


Get literally anything delivered to your home right away and the sky’s your limit.


Glovo’s service is quick and convenient. It’ll help mothers save time and effort in ways they couldn’t imagine. It is the ultimate Mother’s Helper (thankfully it’s not Valium anymore).


The app helps you order anything from pharmaceuticals to groceries to gifts. The challenge is to find something Glovo doesn’t deliver and that’s what makes it one of the best apps in Egypt right now.

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