about Web design in Egypt

web design in Egypt gone through a lot of challenges and changes during the technology revelation we are going through, web design services in Egypt offered by a lot of website designing companies with different features and special programmed services.

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Get out of your shell!


Don’t be like a turtle hiding in a shell and moving slowly, be like a rabbit run fast, increase your sales channels and outrun your competitors in the market. In case you want to be the rabbit, check out Code95 services that will help you increase your ROI and in no time you will be running […]

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No hocus pocus are done!


A lot of people think marketers are magicians or some sort of genies, where actually they are not more than ordinary people who know how to capture and know what exactly “the market” wants at the moment. All it takes is some clear/simple thinking. Here are some sneak peeks on what makes a good marketer: […]

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How relevant hash-tags can benefit your business?


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Code95 support teamwork spirit inside out. Don’t you think that teamwork lead to better business outcomes?


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Feast Buns!


Despite the tiredness and the effort the Egyptian women exert every year to make the feast buns. It is a beautiful tradition; the main purpose of it is to gather the women in the family to make the buns and the children to garnish them while listening to the feast traditional songs in joy and […]

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The teamwork led Germany to the world Cup 2014!


Although Germany didn’t have a player like the legend Leon Messi who is considered to be the best soccer player of all time. It was obvious that what helped Germany yesterday to win the Fifa world cup 2014 is the synergy and the cooperation between the team. Meanwhile Argentina relied only on Messi, threw the […]

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Code95 ICT Innovative award

6-1-2014 12-29-11 PM

We proudly say that Code95 is an ICT award winner, we have applied for Egypt innovate ICT award 2014 organized by Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), we got nominated for the award and out of 100 applicant we have been chosen among 42 winners. Code95 couldn’t have nailed it without our hard-working, efficient and productive […]

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Checkmate Your Competitors Before They Do!

5-5-2014 11-02-01 AM

Do you want to play the best market game ever, checkmate your competitors and be the champion? Pay a visit to Code95 arena, whether you are a (knight, queen, bishop, rook or even a pawn) in the market. Be bold and don’t hesitate to move on the market board with full confidence because simply Code95 […]

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The Newspaper Industry Is Invading Our Workshop!

Apple Cinema Displ-Recovered-Recovered

There is no doubt that newspapers have a significant role in our society as it conducts various types of news related to different social aspects from politics , sports , Art ,beauty and health ,…etc. to people.  Code95 has been interested lately in providing web and mobile solutions for some Egyptian newspaper agencies in the market […]

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