Different Types and Methods of e-Marketing

there are many methods of e-marketing to help expand your business
September 29, 2016

E-marketing is a type of marketing which is completed through means of modern technology such as the Internet and mobile. The importance of e-marketing has increased during the last period as a result of increasing the number of Internet users. At the end of 2013, the number of Internet users in the Arab countries has reached 135.6 million users. Internet has become the most popular way to find information or search for a product. There are many e-marketing methods, and it’s preferable to know all types and methods of e-marketing an choose the right kind that will achieve success to your marketing campaign.

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Types and methods of e-marketing

E-mail marketing

email-marketing can grow your business

Marketing through e-mail is one of the first methods of e-marketing. E-mail marketing includes marketing a product or service to a database through targeting a certain segment of customers via e-mails.  E-mail marketing is considered one of the best e-marketing methods because of its low cost, targeting the correct category, simplicity of use and increasing the return of investment from using it.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization is a method of e-marketing

Search engine optimization is considered the art of increasing the appearance of your website in the first results of search engines such as Google search engine. This is done by targeting keywords in your website to appear in search engines in the top results. The main advantages of creating search engines SEO include:

1- Low cost compared to paid ads, such as Google Adwords.

2- Increase the number of visitors and followers to your site for free.

3- Achieve a return on investment better than paid advertising.

4- You will be familiar with new products through keywords that customers are looking for.

5- You will be a source of confidence for people who are looking for a solution.

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Paid advertising

paid advertising are very important to raise sales

Paid ads are ads appear in search engines, and they are one of the best types of e-marketing. They appear beside or above the search results. Paid ads are depend on the keywords that used to help your ad appears in the search engines.

Social media channels

social media channels can affect in increasing sales of your products

Social media is a type of communication with your customers directly in order to highlight the value of your company’s products and services, increase the company’s fame and spread through several social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. The main advantages of social networking sites are:

1- Increased knowledge and reputation of your brand through social media channels and as a result your sales will increase.

2- Increase customer loyalty for your brand by interaction with them using social networking channels.

3- Targeting a certain category efficiently and know the needs of your customers.

4- Find followers to your page and increase their number.

5- Increase the number of visitors to your website and increase your ranking in the search engines by directing followers on social media channels to your website indirectly.

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