Online Marketing Challenges Facing Companies

July 31, 2016

Generally, the definition of the term marketing has changed from the past. All the marketers are facing problems, or we can call them challenges. Nowadays it’s not enough for the marketer to be only a creative one; he also should have a big knowledge in technology to meet the demands of his job. The professional marketer must choose his team carefully to reach the level of excellence in his performance. After reading this article, you will be able to recognize the top marketing challenges that can face any marketer.

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marketers should use different tools and strategies in marketing

Top marketing challenges that can face any marketer

1-Keeping updated with latest technologies

Keeping updated with latest technologies

Finding the right technologies that are useful and suit marketers is not simple. Marketers must keep an eye on the latest changes in technology to be aware which tool and software best fit their needs.

Top social media management tools

social media management tools

EveryPost: schedule customized posts and share content to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Hootsuite: help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns.

Agora Pulse: schedule content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Crowd Booster: social media analytical tool.

Buffer: social media tool to schedule posts from links you share across the web.

2-Understand the role of marketing department

Marketing department role

Although the responsibility of branding, messaging, revenue and more is belonging to Marketing, some companies still viewed the marketing department as a company expense rather than a revenue generator. Professional Marketer should be aware by his role in the department and company. The basic rules of the marketing department are focusing on the customer, monitoring the competition, creating new ideas and understanding the ROI.

3-Poor content marketing and SEO

content marketing and SEO

Not all companies and marketers know the importance to search engine optimization SEO to attract potential customers instead of searching for them. Many customers prefer to search and find articles about their needs instead of watching direct advertising about how great the product is.

4-Understand customers’ needs

understand customers' needs


A successful marketing starts with knowing your customers’ needs well. It is a fact that your customers won’t buy your product or service unless they need it or at least believe they need it. Understanding your customers’ request is the key to deliver a good service and to deliver what you promised and that what a professional marketer should do.


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