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app success depends on many factors like measuring its performance through mobile app analytics
August 11, 2016

Nowadays, people are using their smartphones more than using computers. The majority of people prefer using smartphones because the apps they can install and use. Now you can find an application for everything like games apps, music apps and social media apps. Not all applications are successful, but there are factors which help in app success.

Learn how to increase mobile app download

1- Measure app success through mobile app analytics

Developers use mobile app analytics to measure the efficiency of an app. Mobile app analytics help in knowing how many people download your app and why people stop using the app. There are tools used in mobile app analytics such as Google analytics and Fabric.

google analytics to measure the performance of your app

Google analytics

Google analytics: is a web analytics tool offered by Google to understand users’ behavior in your app, track the app’s traffic and measure its impact on your business.


Fabric Answer: used to track user’s behavior, app traffic and measure the impact of the app on your business

Fabric Crashlytics: used to track crashed of the app and fixing them to avoid receiving reports from users.

Fabric Beta: Used for testing the app before launching it.

2- UX – UI of your mobile app

mobile app ux and ui

Utility: Besides the entertainment value added to the user, the app should provide a valuable utility. This utility will guarantee the users’ interact with your application.

Usability: The usefulness of smartphones and mobile applications has increased recently. The success of an app depends on understanding the user experience by creating a user friendly interface. The usefulness of smartphones has increased recently,

Successful mobile apps 

successful mobile app

Mobile app industry changes rapidly because of the latest technologies and updates. Its not enough for an app to be user friendly or to add value to the user, the rating of the app depends also on whether it’s an entertaining app or not. The app should catch the user’s eye and grab his attention to download and start using it. As a result, there is a great competition between different apps to be trends and be on the top downloaded apps in the play store.

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