2018 Social Media Trends

December 03, 2018

As we wrap up 2018, the Social Media scene is a lot different than it was at the beginning of the year. Social Media apps are crushed between competition which makes them work harder to please the user. New changes are coming in daily, but we rounded up the most influential. Let’s take a look at the latest Social Media trends and updates before kicking off 2019!

Hottest Social Media trends and updates of 2018:

Although Facebook has been making headlines in 2018, in this blog post, we will focus on more trendier Social Media platforms. The brand new, the makeovers and the cult favorite.


Let’s begin!


Newest updates

Instagram’s Close Friends

Instagram is crushing it!


The new Close Friends feature allows you to make a list of your close friends and share stories exclusively with them. No one can request to be added to your list, so it stays private, intimate and comfortable.


Instagram Close Friends


This feature is designed for those Whatsapp groups that need a more visual platform.


“With Close Friends, you have the flexibility to share more personal moments with a smaller group that you choose.” –Instagram


To add friends to your list:

  • Go to your profile.

  • Tap on the side menu.

  • Pick “Close Friends”.


This definitely counts as one of the significant Social Media trends and updates these days. Now, you and your close circle of friends can enjoy the Stories feature on your own terms, thanks to Instagram.


Youtube Stories

Despite still owning the video sharing throne, Youtube is definitely going to start facing competition from Instagram’s IGTV. That’s why they need to step their game.


Yep, Youtube Stories are here.


Youtube Stories


However, contrary to Snapchat or Instagram Stories that last up to 24 hours then disappear, Youtube Stories can last up to 7 days. Now, Youtube creators with more 10k subs can start uploading Stories for their fans that, in turn, can comment and ask questions.


Youtube StoriesYoutube Stories



Youtube is making in a lot easier for fans to interact with their favorite online creators. This is bound to open up a lot of doors for the video sharing platform. We can’t wait to see what comes next!


Hottest release

Spotify Middle East

The app every music lover has been waiting for.


Chances are, if you are a music lover in the Middle East, then you already had Spotify on your phone using questionable methods (VPN). Well, say goodbye to that!


Spotify Middle East


Spotify just launched its app in the Middle East where you can discover new music, create playlists and play music for free (or go premium). This is bound to create some rubble in the scene as it becomes one of the hottest Social Media trends and updates.


Which song will you play to celebrate?


A complete makeover


Since the launch of Spotify, Anghami has really been feeling the toll of competition. That has led to some Anghami Plus discounts as well as serious upgrades.


The new Anghami look is more fresh, more sleek and more trendy, making it one of the most exciting Social Media trends and updates around.




Now, you profile can include your music as your story. You can also check your friends’ stories and react to them. This transforms the app from a music service to a social hub for music fans to connect, share and react.


You can also choose who follows you through making your profile private. This will give you the privacy you want for your stories, playlists and connections.


Anghami StoriesAnghami Radar


With Radar, you can identify music playing around you. No need for Shazam or Siri, all your music needs are met on this new version of Anghami.


New fan favorite


Do you miss Vine?


We do too. Vine was once a creative space for anyone to create and share entertaining videos. The platform opened up many doors for online creators and challenged the limits of entertainment. Sadly, it shut down in 2017.


We think we know the next best thing.


Tiktok is an app by Musical.ly that allows you to create short videos that include music, dancing, skits and more using fun visual effects and templates. It also allows you to connect with other creators through live streaming and send them virtual gifts, which can be bought with real money… what?




It’s demographic is a bit on the younger side, but that definitely doesn’t stop us from enjoying its goofiness.

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