Learn How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Its not easy to increase mobile app downloads but it's not that difficult
July 28, 2016

Developing a mobile app is the easiest step in the lifecycle of your business. The difficult step is to convince your customer to tap download, start using it and be satisfied with the app. It’s not simple to put your app in top results of play store, but it’s not impossible. After reading this article, you will be able to know how to increase mobile app downloads.

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5 Tips to increase mobile app downloads

1-Design an attractive icon

design attractive icon to increase mobile app downloads

The first thing the user put his eyes on; is the icons of the apps in app store, so it’s better to have an attractive design of your app’s icon if you want to catch users’ eyes. When choosing a design, make sure that it is recognizable, represents your app clearly and gives obvious image of what the user will find after installing it.

2-Relevant keyword

Relevant keyword to increase mobile app downloads

Having a common keyword in your title and description will put your app at the top of search results. There is no doubt that inserting a relevant keyword 3-6 times in the description of your app will work on increasing the app downloads. You can search for the best keyword using Adwords Keyword Planner to target as mush users as you can.

3-Content marketing

Content marketing helps to increase mobile app downloads

The more professional content you provide, the more downloads you will receive. The quality of the content is described as a good content if the users find it worth sharing. As long as users share your content, your app will be more discoverable and downloads will increase and your app will reach a high rank.

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4-App reviews

App reviews help to increase mobile app downloads

Having positive reviews from users can help your app to increase the number of downloads. Reviews or testimonials provide an excellent user experience as they add more value, increase attention and show to new users that this app is worth downloading. Reviews also can help you to evaluate if your app is perfect to the user or there are features need to be fixed. You can add a rating offer inside the app to collect reviews from users.

5-Social media sharing

Social Media Sharing help to increase mobile app downloads

Social media is a great way to increase the reach and downloads of your app. The best thing in social media is that it’s free. You will not only be able to share content about your app, you can also provide customer service to handle users’ requests and gain customer loyalty. Social media channels help you to know what is happening out there on the online world.





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