What is Content Marketing?

October 29, 2018

Advertising is not dead, but it is taking the backseat.

Marketing is evolving!


The online community is expanding and changing all we know about Marketing along with it. The internet has challenged traditional advertising like no other. Thanks to the internet, we now have a new worthy rival for typical same ‘ol Marketing schemes.


The internet is a fairly new invention that has invaded our lives and became an indispensable part of the day to day. It is growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined. Internet technology is taking everybody off guard. It is not enough to keep up with the latest trends anymore to stay on top, it is essential to predict the upcoming trends and implement them first.

Social Media Marketing and more…


Marketers, in particular, are being constantly challenged by the internet. Although Social Media may seem like a field day for Marketers, creating a brand that lasts online is actually pretty difficult. In today’s world of digital clutter, everybody is struggling to stand out.


That’s where Content Marketing comes in.

What is Content Marketing?


In the simplest terms: Content Marketing is telling a story.


While most brands rely on paid marketing (sponsored posts, Adword campaigns), because it gives them quick results. There is actually a slower but steadier route.


Content Marketing works to build a loyal and targeted audience base through content that is valuable to its readers.


Why invest in Content Marketing?


  • Tell your unique story


Every brand is unique. It has its own purpose and its own unique selling proposition. If your brand lacks those key elements, you might want to reconsider calling your business a brand.


An influential brand is one that reaches the psyche of its audience, one that forms an emotional bond with its consumers. This can only be achieved through telling your brand’s story through the effective ways of Content Marketing.


  • Engage loyal customers


Internet users nowadays are cynical, skeptical and hard to persuade. That’s good news and bad news.


The good news is…


There is place for the creative. There is definitely room for your brand to gain a loyal user if you truly understand their behavior online.


The bad news is…


Everybody else is trying. Competition is sky high.


In the digital clutter around every user, internet users are pretty quick to dismiss cliche approaches and follow along new, catchy approaches that engage them. The current internet user latches on to a brand that speaks to them and tends to even root for its success.


  • Reduce marketing costs


Is paid advertising tickling your fancy?


Yeah, we get it. It is fast with guaranteed exposure and it seems crucial. But is it?


Content Marketing helps your brand become part of its intended audience’s daily routine.


Wake up, have coffee, check Facebook, read a quick article from my fav blog…


On the long run, Content Marketing is way more rewarding. It is intended to acquire a loyal audience that relies on your guidance and rewards your endeavors.

How to do Content Marketing?

Think of a buyer persona in your head.


Let’s follow that buyer persona along through its purchase journey.


Content Marketing works best when it primarily serves the audience. Understanding your audience’s lives, motives and challenges helps you fulfill their needs.


Strategizing your Content Marketing to cater to every phase of your buyer persona’s purchase journey is not the only way to do it, but the most effective.


  • Provide your insight.


First, your audience are in the awareness phase. They are looking for guidance that works for them; something more detailed and tailored. For your brand to grab their attention, it needs to provide them with insight that is unique to your story; insight they can relate to and follow along.


Your special insight not only shows off your unique selling proposition, but earns their trust.


  • Give them a reason to stay.


“Oh, this is the place to get the answers.”


Contrary to popular belief, good content spreads itself. Google is not working against you, it is working for the user. Aligning yourself with the user will help your SEO, force you to produce relevant content and ultimately reach the right people.


Creating valuable content that fulfills the audience’s informational needs will have them coming back for more. Through this, you are establishing loyalty with your audience.


  • Let the right CTA do the rest.


A loyal audience = a steady revenue stream.


It’s true!


Once your audience is satisfied with your consistent insight, they are just about ready to buy. Give them that extra push with the right CTA. You can ask your loyal audience to like, share, buy or whatever you need at this point.

Dina Nour

Dina Nour is a Content Writer at Code95. She writes blog posts dedicated to helping Code95 readers learn and apply Marketing fundamentals. Her interests include internet memes, more internet memes and even more internet memes.


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