Watch out! Pokemons on the road!

Pokemons on the road is a fact nowadays
July 13, 2016

Nearly, everyone around the world heard about pokemon go app. Pokemon go app is considered the most downloaded app till now. Although the huge number of downloading of this app, there are many people are warning the users from its danger. Pokemons are spreading anywhere around us even on the road! Yes there are pokemons on the road. People get crazy by this app and are chasing them anywhere.

the majority of this app users are adults and teenagers.

Pokemons now are existing anywhere and anytime!

Accidents because of the appearance of pokemons on the road!

Many accidents happened and will happen because of pokemons. Users can’t control themselves and don’t have the power to stop playing and chasing their pokemon. Everyone is searching for his pokemon in his room, home, work and even on the road while driving. You can find someone driving his car to search for his pokemon! Can you imagine that!

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Pokemon touches our memories

Adults are the most influenced category by this app as it touches their memories as they were the first generation who knew the original game of pokemons, playing it, watching the animated series and collecting its cards. Teenagers too became crazy with this app from the moment of launching the app, they even may cross the road without watching out for cars to catch their pokemon.

Pokemon go app in now the most downloaded app.

People now are chasing pokemons in the streets.

Pokemon Go mobile app has the same idea of the original game which was catching and collecting creatures, training them and take them in a battle to compete with other players have other pokemons. The winner in the battle will take the beaten pokemon and add it to his collection of pokemons.

After the great success of the original game and producing animated movies and series all over the world, Nintendo Company decided to develop an app with the same idea to catch and collect pokemons and put them together in a team to compete other teams.



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