Short videos are your way to spread across networks

short videos are the best way to spread your business across differet networks.
November 07, 2016

Recently, Twitter decided to increase videos that can be shared in the network to 140 second. This type of content (short videos) attracts social networking users and achieves widespread, and this is noticed by both; page admins on Facebook or Twitter. According to Twitter, the shared videos increased by 50% since the beginning of 2016.

Why short videos?

video content

In general, visual content (video) is more popular than the rest of other content types, because the material is presented in exciting and funny way, and this is what explains the rise of YouTube in recent years. Yet, the video may be boring when it is long and full of unimportant detail, so short videos are the best to the users, as short videos abbreviate and focus on the important things.

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In summary, the short videos that are presented in an interesting way in a minute or less attract users, encourage them to share and interact with them. Therefore, the information will reach a wider audience, and the page or the account will achieve wider spreading in a short period of time.

Think out of the box


Whatever your field is, you will find a way to produce useful and interesting visual content and short videos related to your work and field periodically. There are a lot of creative ideas that your mind can produce such as:

-Technical: Some technical news presented in an attractive short video.

-Medicine: Each video speaks briefly about one of the common diseases and how to prevent them.

-Culture: Important information about something specific in every video.

You can give some helpful tips in almost any field. Finding suitable content for making videos is easy, but the difficult thing is to think, produce a unique and creative idea to be distinguished from competitors in the same field. This may requires more effort and time but it’s not impossible.

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 Where you can publish your videos?


You can produce exclusive visual content for each channel of social media channels, or produce one content and publish it in more than one network. Don’t forget during producing the video that the duration is less than a minute to fit most popular social media channels.



Instagram Is the first choice, as it is a specialized network in photos and videos. It has become possible to publish videos which duration is minute, and this is a good thing because it can offer a lot during one minute. Instagram has a self-system that helps you spread your account and access to hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers. What you have to do is to share unique content that brings Likes and comments, and you will notice after a while that the content is spreading by itself.



YouTube is the original home of the videos. You may publish your videos and do not find a lot of interaction, but you will be surprised after a few months or a year that the videos received a lot of views every day, as distinctive videos spread on their own.

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