Importance of Visual Content Marketing in Business

September 19, 2016

The simple definition of Visual content marketing is marketing with visual contents such as photos and videos. But the deepest definition is how to use photos to deliver clear and particular message to your audiences to encourage them to do a call for action. The photos are presented in different forms like infographics, images of your products, logos and slides, memes, graphics, comics, screenshots and videos.

Learn how to promote business or brand using content types. 

There are some statistics to show the importance of visual content marketing

visual marketing can increase your business

1- Videos are shared 12 times more than posts with text or ordinary links.

2- 60 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube.

3- Photos get likes twice what the text posts get.

4- 100 million users take a social action weekly on Youtube.

5- Infographics get likes and shares on social media 3 times more than any other content type.

6- Articles contain 75-100 words with pictures get likes and shares twice any text articles.

7- 71% of online marketers use visual content in their content marketing strategy.

8- On search engine results, 60% of users prefer to click on websites contain images on search engine.

9- 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual which confirm the idea of “to show is better than to tell”.

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There are 9 main forms of visual content

there are many forms of visual content

1- Videos

Upload videos on Youtube – Vimeo and share it on social media channels.

2- Infographics

Provide information about your industry or product in the form of Infographics has positive impact on your customers.

images, videos and infographics are forms of visual marketing

3- Screenshoots

Take live shoots of your products and how it work, it will help you bring new customers.

4- Comics

Use comedy and cartoon images with comments related to your products or service will present your work differently.

how visual content can develop your business

5- Memes

Using popular and famous characters or pictures which considered a trend on social media with comment related to your products and services.

6- Creative photography

Use photos related to what you offer and you can add new design and effects to help your marketing message to reach your customers.

visual content can show your clients your products and services

There are many other types of visual content. You don’t have to use all of them, but the most important thing is to choose the type which will make you different and unique more than your competitors, and help your audiences to interact with your product.

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