Maintain your Mental Health in the Workplace

April 07, 2019


Work is, undoubtedly, an extremely big part of our lives; it’s where we spend most of our time (according to HuffPost Australia, the average human spends over 13 years of their lives in the workplace, think of that.), make friends, challenge ourselves, and even get to know our own capabilities. No matter how much we might complain about it, we can’t deny that most of us want to have a steady career rather than being unemployed.


However, the fact still remains that work life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine; sometimes you are going to be in jobs you hate and be around people you don’t like. It’s specifically at these times that your mental health in the workplace is threatened.


And let’s face the truth; sometimes you have to stay in these jobs for the sake of your career, income, or any other reason. Life is governed by more than just passions, wouldn’t you agree?


Prioritize your Mental Health in the Work Place:



Maintaining your mental health in the workplace is of the utmost importance, no one should ever let their work, no matter how stressful, affect their mental health. To be on the same page, let’s all agree that sometimes we just need to take a step back and prioritize our mental health over anything else. Our mental health (which is majorly affected by the workplace) affects our state of mind, attitude, and even our personal lives. Poor mental health can even contribute to a range of physical illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.


When you feel like your mental health in the workplace is affecting your life negatively, there are a few tips you need to follow before listing your job as a toxic one and polishing your CV. Who knows? Maybe all you need is an article with tips for maintaining your mental health in the workplace, right? You are welcome 😉


Tip One: Switch Off!


So there’s an on-going project that needs your attention during the weekend? You are asked to stay behind after your working hours for a meeting? Your supervisor feels free to call you whenever to discuss work issues?


Fellow employee, this is one major reason for your poor mental health in the workplace; sometimes you need to learn to say no.


If you already feel stressed out because of your job or even if you are a tad bit uncomfortable, then this is not the time to give more of your personal time to your job. Learn to take time to yourself, it would do you wonders.


Also, try to leave everything behind in the office. Don’t take your work problems to your personal life and vice versa. Use your time to enjoy the things you love doing, don’t waste thinking of the problems you faced or will face.


Tip Two: Create Your Own Environment:



Do you like music? Scented Candles? Faerie Lights? Well, make sure to bring those to your office. Try to create an environment that you feel comfortable in; which will largely impact your mental health in the workplace. Once you achieve this, you will feel better and will be able to produce better results.


Tip Three: Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:



This is one tip that isn’t just limited to maintaining your mental health in the workplace. Try to follow a general rule of eating healthy, exercising regularly, and sleeping sufficiently. Trust me, it would do wonders to your body and your mood.


Tip Four: Take a Break:



You aren’t doing anyone a favour by sitting on your desk for 8 hours straight, don’t fool yourself (or let anyone else fool you, for that matter). You need to take a break, and you are entitled to at least one hour. Whether you want to spend it talking with your coworkers, calling your friends, or grabbing a bite to eat; it’s completely up to you.


Tip Five: Organize your Worklife:



One of the best ways to reduce your stress and anxiety in the workplace is by organizing. So organize your desk, timetable, calendar, emails, meetings, tasks, etc.
If you need any help with that then this must be your day. Lucky for you, we have a full article on how to organize your work life that is bound to help you out.


Tip Six: Avoid Gossip:



No matter how you might be drawn to it, try to avoid gossip. This isn’t high school, you guys. Yes, some people are natural drama makers, however, you don’t need to take part in such conversations.


If you are someone whose mental health in the workplace is already threatened, gossip around the office will only add fuel to the fire.


Tip Seven: Take your Complaints to your HR:



It sure is tempting to turn to your favourite co-worker and whisper, ‘can you believe he had the audacity to say that in a meeting?’


However, complaining aimlessly to your coworkers only gives the problem more power over you. If your complaint is valid, then take it directly to the HR who is bound to try and solve it for you.


Tip Eight: Work-Life Balance:



A lot of people will tell you that work-life balance doesn’t exist, this is often accompanied by a rehearsed sigh of exhaustion or a too fake sarcastic smile.


Don’t. Listen. To. Them.


If you don’t enjoy a healthy work-life balance, then you are the one who failed to create it. Work-life balance is about giving your work all the attention it needs but also knowing that you need daily time to yourself to spend it however you want to. If you can’t achieve that then you are either being pushed around, or you are simply a workaholic.


Mai Hesham

Originally a bookworm, Mai Hesham is a copywriter at Code95 with a tendency to daydream about unicorns, wizards, and other irrelevant things.


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