6 keys to the importance of Project Management

October 22, 2018

Each project your company enters is a new opportunity for your business to grow and gain experience. A smart business is one that treats every project like a defining one on their list. In order to give each project the attention it requires to flourish, you need an excellent Project Manager to handle all its delicate ins and outs. So here’s what you need to know about the importance of Project Management.

The importance of Project Management

  1. Envisioning the 3 key elements of the project

One of the most crucial things about the importance of Project Management is its understanding of a project’s overarching vision. Your Project Manager should have a comprehensive knowledge of the key elements of any project: cost, time and scope. Keeping these elements in consideration while developing a project keeps it running smoothly.

2. Asking the right questions

In order to find out these elements within the given project, the PM must ask their clients all the right questions. Listening to the clients’ needs and concerns regarding their project, means providing them with the right results that fit their requests.

3. Planning every step

The importance of Project Management lies within this point exactly. Once the PM has the project’s scope and the clients’ vision in mind, it is time to set an extensive strategy and plan to execute the project. Keeping in mind all the gathered information, finding the tools and resources and setting an appropriate timeline detailed with mini tasks for all the team involved will lead the project to a smooth completion.

4. Killing off risks

Any project, no matter how well planned it is, will have to endure the fluctuations of its external factors. Elements such as sudden materials price change, in-team shifts and more can seriously harm your project. An experienced PM not only predicts these risks, but also plans against their effects. There is nothing worse than your project getting side-tracked by a minor issue that could have been easily avoided. Predicting a project’s risks and managing them is a PM’s most crucial skill.

5. Managing every detail

The importance of Project Management also lies in someone managing the project’s every detail. A PM’s success lies in the project’s success, that’s why they are always keen on getting the job done and done well. A PM manages what needs to be done, by whom and when it should be done. That means that every team member has a specific task with a specific purpose and a specific deadline.

6. Success and failure

After the client’s approval, the project is all done with and it is time for a final evaluation. A PM should ask themselves:

  • Did everything go according to the initial plan?

  • What were the problems and issues we face?

  • How did we deal with these problems and issues?

  • What adjustments were made and how?

  • Has the project reached its goals?

  • Have we satisfied our client?


Understanding how the project went from process to delivery means a better outlook on whether or not the project was a success or a failure.


Many small business owners believe investing in a Project Manager is a waste of budget, but the reality is that it could cost way more to repair the mishaps of poor management. The right Project Management is the key factor to the success of any project. Realizing the importance of Project Management sets a professional company apart from anyone else offering the same services.


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Dina Nour

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