The great hookup, social media and business! (Infograph)

March 02, 2017

It’s noticed that all the social media platforms are now focusing on commerce and advertising; they are heading to business world trying to fit in the world of money, work and economy using technology.So, does social media and business meet? let’s figure it out.

Social media and business are here to stay!

Social media and business meet strongly in this era. Facebook for example is having a great advertising solution even without Ads. You now have the ability to choose your audience based on what they like and are interested in which is really efficient. It’s not only linked in now for professional talks and job hunting, most of the social platforms are getting there. Companies use these platforms to make customers personas, advertise their products and services, looking for job seekers and prove existence. As it’s known if you want to deliver what they want “Customers” you should listen,on the social media people express opinions all the time, favour brands and people which will give you access to their minds and even hearts things Bottom line social media is a key of success these days and if you are still asking why, here are some of the whys!




Life is running fast and so do social media and business. The meeting of the two is the best proof how they fit and work together. By logic, people now are on social media most of the day and you wish to reach them 24/7 here is your chance. The previous result we mentioned in the info graph is what you will get if you stack to it. Be aware of every one and make every one aware of you, Social media and business is the new tie that work for both the best of the brand and the best of the customer.

Where do you think social media is heading? Share in the comments.

Rana Ghareeb

Rana Ghareeb is a Code95 Content Writer, who loves writing about Marketing and Business. Books and pens are her best companions as writing is the place where she satisfies her passion for conveying her voice...


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