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Autism Apps
April 03, 2017

In this world there are a lot of extraordinary people, people who meant to face different circumstances and their success has completely different measures. Autistic are a great example, they have a great ability to do and think of things in a totally unique way we won’t understand. We can say they are regular people with different abilities they are more special to the world. Autism apps is a great way to help them connect.

Autism Apps help parents reach their autistic child

Special people need special communication and technology could manage that. As technology is here to serve us and make it easier to connect with one another, technology and autism meet to prove this point by facilitating the interaction and communication between autistic and others through mobile apps that took both communication and telecommunication technologies to a whole new level couple of years ago and here are examples representing the top 5 applications that made life easier for families with more special ones.

This app is created so that parents of autistic children can easily track behaviors, intervention and symptoms in one place. It act like a therapist, parents can insert data about medication doses and diet changes then share these data with school and medical providers for a better treatment planning.

Cost: Free to $9.99, depending on the version, available for iPhone and iPad.

This app is focusing on feelings and emotions using a child-friendly character that help them to learn facial expression and how to correspond to them such as happy, sad and surprised. Learn with Rufus is customized for children with varying skills and learning styles which will help them to express how they feels and understand others. Cost: $4.99, available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

As autistic children face communication and learning challenges this app merge having fun with learning through analyzing pictures, understanding speeches and playing around with emotions. It is a communication app that serve the children daily needs through sentences, symbol and pictures to make it easier for them to learn and collect information.

Android cost: $2.43

This app is one of the autism apps that can make parents closer to experts, it is created to answer parents question “Does my child have development issues?!” Cognoa validate concerns and let parents have peace of mind. The app asks parents set of questions around the child behavior and let them take a home video under 5 minutes showing a child simple daily activity to analyze them.

Cost: Free, available for Android and Apple products and online.


This unique app uses a pillow with embedded transducers that play relaxing music through vibration to induce relaxation and sleep. A study on kids with autism showed improvements in sleep initiation, duration of sleep, reduction in night waking, and improved daytime behavior.

Cost: the pillow is $169, and the accompanying app is free; available for Android and Apple devices.


Autism is another challenge that autistic proudly accept, we should make it easier for us and them by supporting and loving. We should understand that they befit in our world, they are not underrated or underestimated actually they have abilities that we won’t contain or understand they are super precious and more special. Technology and autism  apps are ways to say we hear you, we got it and we care.

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