6th of October victory keywords and their impact on your business and career level

October 20, 2015

In the past few days, Egyptians celebrated the 6th of October as a commemoration of their victory on Israel.And because we have to take advantage of our tremendous history, it is not just stories that we keep narrating to our next generations without having a futuristic look on how we can learn valuable lessons from these stories.

The 6th of October is a story of success that you have to stop by and analyze the factors behind this great victory, let’s check how you can benefit from some of the keywords that helped our armed forces to win the battle with evidences from the history in your business and career level.

Strategy & Timing

“The concrete of any successful business is a good strategy and suitable time to launch your product or service

(They drew a precise strategic plan to liberate Sinai andto surprise Israel as they chose to unleash the war in Ramadan and that was unexpected time for Israel)


Optimism & Positivity

Don’t let negative criticism hinder your way; sometimes great results come from simple and mediocre ideas”

(They played a deaf ear to all negative and despairing claims)


Insistence & Persistence

Limited resources are not an obstacle don’t give in; what really matters is how to allocate it”

(They never gave up although Israel was powered by air force and military armored vehicles way better than that of the Egyptian army)


Cooperation& Unity

It is all about team work”

(Nine Arab countries provided Egypt with military support and other provided financial support)



Havingfaith in your team will encourage them to do their best in order not to fail your expectations”

(The Egyptian citizens trusted their armed forces & believed in their capabilities)


Dedication and loyalty

Successful outcomes never come without hard work and dedication from the heart”

(October war proved that the Country interest was above self-interests)


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