6 Steps to Build a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy is very important to build your business
September 18, 2016

When you start thinking about content marketing it’s necessary to know the main aim of the content you will write and share. You should know whether you want to build loyalty, lead generation, increase sales or increase brand awareness. This will help you to determine the form and type of your content and as a result, you will be able to build successful content marketing strategy.

successful content marketing strategy

First, you should know the meaning of the word strategy:

Strategy is developing plans, goals and priorities to suit the company’s vision, mission, public goals and executive goals.

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How to build a content marketing strategy in 6 steps?


do research before creating content marketing strategy

You should know everything about the company and its products.

You should know the general marketing plan for the company.

You should talk to sales team about sales policy and the current customers of the company.

You should check the customer database and know their interests and objections.

You should know the content type used to market the company’s products.


analysis before putting content marketing strategy

Analyze the competitors, determine the form of the content and analyze customers’ interaction with the content.

Analyze the used keywords, make a new keyword research and set a list of the new keywords.

Build a buyer persona, interview clients and answer the following questions:

a-Who are your clients and what are their jobs?

b-What are their goals and their pain points?

c-How do they get their information?

3-Set goals

set goals for your content marketing strategy

Determine your goals (smart goals).

The goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and have a fixed time frame.

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4-Choose marketing channels


choose marketing channels to publish your content

What, where, when and how much?

Determine the type of your content (articles, photos, videos, posts).

Where will you publish you content (Website, blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)?

Pay more attention to the videos and photos.

5-Make a stock of your content

Content marketing strategy in business


Don’t share post by post or article by article.

Prepare a group of articles, posts, photos and videos, to be able to monitor the audience interaction with your content and have the opportunity to develop your content.

6-Track, Optimize and ROI

track and measure ROI

Measure, analyze your results and determine the strengths and weaknesses in your results.

Develop your content.

Check the return on investment (ROI) of your content.


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