How to begin blogging

blogging on internet becomes an important role in content marketing
September 06, 2016

At first you have to create your website and then determine a goal you want to achieve from blogging on internet, this goal may be tangible or intangible; in this article we are going to discuss how to take a specific path to achieve this goal.

First, search out what your audiences want from blogging on internet 

blogging on internet is important in marketing

First, you have to know what your audiences want to read and this is by studying their behavior on the Internet and specifically on the social media where they spend most of their time sharing their opinions and questions, and also you can follow what they’re sharing on competitive websites.

– Various social networks

1- Facebook:

At the beginning, you can join active groups related to your field as they considered a treasure for websites’ owners, not only to market your website’s links or content, but also to find ideas to meet the needs of your audiences.

Search for groups related to your field, then start following members’ posts and questions in these groups, and collect these ideas in a text file, filter and rank them from your point of view. Through answering audiences’ questions, you can get different ideas for new posts.

2- Twitter:

Twitter is one of the networks that will help you directly to know the needs of your audiences, especially in the foreign content because the largest percentage of Twitter users is from the west. Here, you will do the same thing that you’ve done in Facebook which is searching for the topics that you’re willing to write about.

3- Direct questions:

You can find questions related to the content of your blog, it will also help you to write unique, useful content, and provide essential information your audiences are looking for.

Second: Blogging on internet in different way 

write posts in different way

To gain the follow and respect of your audiences to your website, you have to offer them what they will not find on any other website. You can plan and follow a new technique in blogging different from the traditional method which is based on quantity rather than quality

If you don’t enjoy what you write, your reader will not enjoy reading it. You have to think while you are blogging that there is always someone looking for more. You should keep in mind that you are addressing different segments and seeking to satisfy as much of them as possible by providing a comprehensive content which covers at least 90% of the content. There are steps that you can count in every time you write on new website.


Step one: set a goal of your post before start blogging.

The goal of writing the post is what you want from the reader to do after reading this post. The objectives may differ from one field to another but they’re always instantaneous objectives happen reading the post, for example: –

  1. Share your post on social media
  2. Subscribe to your site’s mailing list
  3. Download an e-book or subscribe to a service
  4. Fill a specific form
  5. Go to another article within your website
  6. Follow-up any of your pages on social media

Step Two: Put a conclusion for your post.

Usually when you start blogging, your mind get distracted in many ideas and you may find yourself trying to write more than 10 different ideas and this ultimately leads to the waste of time and you won’t provide valuable content, so I recommend that you should put a specified conclusion for the reader.

Step three: Choose a catchy and sincere title

When you write the title of your post, you should know that this title is considered as the title of a new book. If you do not choose an attractive one, you won’t find anyone to read your post. Think in this way and you’ll find that you have changed your style in writing your posts completely.

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