The Newspaper Industry Is Invading Our Workshop!

Code95 has been interested in providing web and mobile solutions for some Egyptian newspaper agencies ex: – (Daily News Egypt /El bursa / El Badil /Sharek).
January 11, 2015

There is no doubt that newspapers have a significant role in our society as it conducts various types of news related to different social aspects from politics , sports , Art ,beauty and health ,…etc. to people. Code95 has been interested lately in providing web and mobile solutions for some Egyptian newspaper agencies in the market ex: – (Daily News Egypt /El bursa / El Badil /Sharek).

We as Code95 realized that over the course of time, due to the high usage of internet and technology that keeps booming nonstop, people are losing interest in reading and skimming through newspapers, those stake of papers are not appealing to people anymore, because most of them are carried away with the technology that is mostly devouring, surpassing and keeps pulling the rug out from newspapers.

So we decided that the only option for the newspaper agencies if they want to survive and sustain in the market before the technology gobble up their industry, is to go with the flow and have a good online and social media presence by offering soft copies or online newspaper editions.

And that is exactly what we did to our clients, we developed websites for El Badil, Daily News Egypt and El Bursa with a simple design yet sophisticated, the websites are online extensions for their newspapers, we developed also Android and IOS mobile application for Daily News Egypt. And currently we are working on sharek website, Sharek is an extension from El Masry El Yom newspaper, the idea of the website is to turn the normal Egyptian citizen to a journalist who can upload articles with pictures and videos. We developed the website from the scratch in terms of design and development, the challenge we faced is to draw and slice a responsive map , when you tab any province on the map , the latest news uploaded it in this province will be displayed.


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