News in paper…. Gone with the wind!

In this era, the online newspaper is the alternate of the printed newspaper
December 15, 2016

This question was asked 10 years ago by the economist “Who killed the newspaper?!”, if they needed sometimes to guess the answer in 2006, it’s obvious for us now it’s the internet. Internet may literally kill the paper but for sure it gave more life to journalism and news industry.

How technology is changing news industry

First it’s important to know that according to Internets World Stats; the estimated population for Middle East 2016 is 246,700,900 and the internet users for only June/2016 are 141,489,765 which are about 57% of total population. It’s a huge number, right?

Internet is growing every day, it became an essential part of the daily life around the world, and Middle East is no different. Actually the growth rate of internet usage in MENA region has growing to be 4,207% since 2000.

News industry

The advertising market in the Middle East represents 32% which is two to three times higher than in Europe and other region. It’s safe to say that printed newspaper industry is declining. 7Days an UAE free tabloid is an example for this decline as it’s shutting down with the last printed copy on December 22. They first announced that they would cut their daily print to weekly as they try to refocus on digital, now they are announcing that their printed era is over.

Crystal Clear: Business Trends 2016

While all the sectors got affected by the meteoric rise of internet usage, the news and media industry was massively influenced to adapt to the new era of this rushing world as people was more into smart life and easy solutions, they wanted the information light and fast. Everyone is busy or lazy and both types would love the whole world under their feet or in their pockets, we don’t have time to buy newspaper or even read it. The easiest thing we all do is surfing the internet, writing what really matters for us to know and all the information about it will be on the screen for you and we don’t have to throw it away later on. Everything about the online newspaper is convenient.

Technology and news industry

Simply you can reach the whole world from your desk, write whatever you want and you will find someone or punch of people to read it. It doesn’t have to be for specific someone or event. Imagine your newspaper read by different nationalities and everyone can reach it. It’s a win win situation no doubts, Cope with technology and reach the globe.

Technology is getting to our brains and bodies so fast and we are not complaining! Most of us prefer if they just leave their breathing to technology to handle. It has a bad effect but its positive points are tons compared to what is not. Where we are hiding?!

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