Influencer Marketing is in: why your business needs influencers

February 05, 2018

Influencer Marketing is a powerful marketing channel you shouldn’t underestimate. Nowadays influencers can reach a massive number of people who they can effortlessly convey any message to and be persuasive enough to affect their buying decisions, as they have a distinctive style in featuring any product or service.

Let’s explore how to do influencer marketing and why you need it ?

1-It is not about the followers numbers but something more significant!

Pick your influencers carefully and precisely. They may not necessarily have a whopping number of followers on their accounts but most importantly on the other hand they have substantial engagement where share and likes are going on nonstop and that’s exactly what matters here.

2-More transparency means better persuasion!

Keep an eye on the most authentic and genuine influencers out there and choose one of them to present your product to ensure credibility. For effective results, the influencer should believe in your brand and to be truly convinced by what he or she is going to market for to be able to persuade others.

3-Stash away part of your budget for influencer marketing!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With all the fuss going around the influencers , it is officially that it is an influential marketing channel you can’t ignore. So you need to save up some money for it because it is worth it. As you won’t regret every penny spent on because the returns are exceptional.

4-Let your content go viral!

Other than the influencers being content developers themselves, they will share any valuable content you provide on their accounts, whether it is a blog article or an informative video. So it is undoubtedly a great chance to expand your reach and your voices will reach the right target audience.

5-Don’t you want your products to be more appealing!

Without so much effort you can make your product attractive and appealing by simply letting the influencer present it. For example when girls see a fashion blogger wearing a bag or a pair of shoes , the way she styled both, make them more appealing and will catch many followers eyes and they fall in love with the products right away and will eagerly go buy them.

6-You need someone who masters influential marketing

Creativity in persuasion!

No need to bring the best artist in town to advertise for your product. Influencers have divergent thinking and come up with out of the box ideas to best feature your products in a unique and exquisite way that will really have a great impact on their followers buying decision.


Rana Ghareeb

Rana Ghareeb is a Code95 Content Writer, who loves writing about Marketing and Business. Books and pens are her best companions as writing is the place where she satisfies her passion for conveying her voice...


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