How to increase your website traffic?

there are many ways to increase website traffic suck as unique content and strog external links.
October 17, 2016

Why do we create websites on the Internet? The purpose of creating the website is to make visits and even the highest possible rate of visits to this site. How can you increase your website traffic? You have to discover different creative ways to raise the number of visitors to your web site. Some of these methods may be paid and expensive, while others are completely free.

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Now, the question is how you can improve your presence in the world of the Internet.


Methods to increase your website traffic

A- Write free, exclusive and high quality content.

free content will help to increase website traffic

The first question is simple, what can be offered to attract visitors to the site and increase your website traffic? When you offer something others can’t offer; it will attract more visitors compared to others. To make sure you are creating unique content, follow these rules:

1- Your content should be exclusive and updated regularly and that will make your audiences visit your website frequently. If possible, you can keep adding new content within a fixed timetable.

2- Videos are more attractive than words, so you must include one video on the page that your audiences visit. In most cases, it is clear that the video, which contains valuable information related to your website, can increase the number of visitors.

3- When you write content, make sure that all the topics in the blog are relevant to readers. Simply copying information from different websites can’t generate good traffic for you. Your content should include information that can achieve some goals and giving the solution to a problem. You can provide high quality news and information to the reader when reading your blog.

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B- More external links in your site

external links is important to your website

When one of your fans mentions or shares your blog in one of his social media channels, website or blog, it means that your blog and content are trusted. To increase the mention or sharing your content, you should implement a number of things, including:

1- Make one of the linguists’ auditors review the writings of your site, because if your site is weak in terms of spelling and grammar, it will have a negative effect on the content, products, services and your website as a whole. Make sure that the content is written properly and in a good way.

2- Do not rely on copy and paste from some other websites because famous search engines “Google – Yahoo – Bing” are very smart in finding the non-original content, even if you copy paragraphs only. Therefore, you should make your content unique and innovative.

3- Generate automatic content: the last period witness a new revolution in the world of content. There are softwares can generate automatic content, but what is unknown to many people that the content is weak and unclear.

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