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website content is a very important mrketing tool
November 15, 2016

Content is one of the essential elements of any website regardless the used language. According to several studies, content is used to evaluate websites, as website content attracts visitors and potential customers to know more about your services.

Website content has several forms of content such as:


Articles – e.Books – Statistics – Blogs – Graphics (Infographics) – competitions – cartoon videos (2D, 3D) – online courses.

Blogs are considered the most important type of content that help to attract visits to the site. Besides, the latest statistics indicate that the sites that use blog have number of visitors more than sites without blogs by 55%.

What is content marketing?


Content marketing is one of the marketing tools based on creating content for marketing a product or service to the target audience, as this type of marketing should attract and link audiences directly to your products.

What is good content?

When we talk about content, we should distinguish between the traditional and good content. The content should be simple, unique not long and boring content. Also, your content should contains pictures, statistics or videos.

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The most important features of good content:

New Topic – attractive style – correct language – devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes – presenting the content in a clear way – it fits with the target audience – easily accessible via search engines.

What is the importance of good content?


The importance of the successful good content reflects on achieving the following results:

1- Increase traffic through attracting large numbers of visitors to the website.

2- Unique content and good presentation leads to convince the reader that the website presents value, so he will repeat his visit and turns into one of the company’s customers.

3- Professional content allows visitors to spend more time in the website to know more about products and services.

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How to create good content for your website?



Content industry is one of the difficult operations to the majority of individuals, institutions and companies, as it needs accuracy in the search, selection of topics, and following up. As a result, a lot of companies use outsourcing services from specialized companies in content writing. These companies offer to hire specialist employees in each field to write professional content and implementing all stages starting with the targeted audiences, writing content, design and content publishing process in websites and blogs, and then following up comments and provide the company with analytical reports periodically.

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