How to create content on the spot!

There are many steps you should do to create content
August 16, 2016

Creating valuable content is an important asset of your website. Many companies choose to attract audiences and leads through building an effective and efficient community around their services and products through useful, well-written and attractive content. The main goal of the content is to create content which is meaningful and valuable to be presented to people who are visiting your website searching for services, products and information.

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Steps to create content

1- Create a draft

Create a draft before writing your content

make a draft

One of the most important assets in creating a successful content is creating a draft or outlines before the actual writing. The outlines help to keep you on the right track from the start and provide you with directions when you feel confused or lost control during the actual writing of the content. Drafts and outlines should be your road map while writing each section in the content and ensure the successfulness of your content.


2- Create content by introducing ideas in bullets

Introduce the ideas of your content in bullets

Create content by introducing ideas in bullets

Once the outlines have been established, you can highlight the most important information you want your audiences to know, and then you can work directly through those points to ensure the containment of all the important basics. After creating the bulleted lists, you will notice that there are some useless outlines which can help you saving time, and on the other hand, you may find that your content needs to go deeper in the information more than what was planned in the beginning, which makes your content richer and more valuable to readers.

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3- Arrange your content structure


arrange your content structure

Arrange your content structure

While you create your content, consider the way you want to provide information to readers, if the content includes a lot of statistics or historical information, you may want to attach a picture or a short video to attract readers to continue reading till the end of the content, but if you’re writing a piece of news, you know that you should provide direct and complete. Its preferable for your content to be SEO friendly to improve its ranking if search engines.


4- Avoid repetition

avoid repetition when writing content

Avoid repetition

After you’ve created the outlines and the bulleted ideas, go back to read all the points and get rid of any overlapping ideas with each other, and this will allow you to limit the inclusion of redundancy and ensure that any paragraph is relevant to the topic. In this stage you can remove any repetition or eradicate the ideas that have nothing to do with the subject and that give you some additional space for photos or to specify more about the ideas that you’ve already written about.

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