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August 08, 2018

Say you are reevaluating your online presence and you find that you are even more lost than you were starting out. That’s probably a sign you need to change it up, or maybe that you need a more focused eye to assess. That’s where a Digital Marketing Consultant comes in!

In this article, we will be discussing whether or not your company needs a Digital Marketing Consultant and whether or not they can benefit your business. But first, let’s talk about what Digital Marketing actually is!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is basically advertising your product or service on any digital medium, from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing to Email and Social Media Marketing.

Using Digital Marketing is essential these days because it offers much more than traditional advertising in terms of feedback and reaches. That’s why a shift has been seen in the market towards a more digitized approach to marketing.

Marketers find that Digital Marketing is much more effective with regard to:

  • reaching more people,

  • targeting the right audiences and

  • monitoring and measuring success.

In order to get the right results for you through Digital Marketing, you need to plan and strategize. Here are 5 steps for building a marketing strategy from scratch from Code95 to help you start or update your plan.

How can I measure my brand’s Digital Marketing success?

Through building your strategy, you will determine specific goals that you want your brand to achieve. These goals need to be accompanied by their own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which let you know when or if you have met your goals.

For instance, if one of your goals is to improve your SEO ranking, then your KPI should be organic traffic coming to your website through search engines. Content Marketing KPI, however, is overall blog traffic or length of your blog’s visitor’s session on your website or page. You can measure your Social Media success through engagement and reach.

Each marketing tactic or method you use will have its corresponding KPI, so do your research in getting those right. If you can’t measure your success, determining your next step will be close to impossible.

(Pro tip: the more accurate and clear your goals are, the easier it is to determine or measure their success and build more off of it)

At each quarter of your company’s year, you will need to update your plan to include all the latest developments on the Digital Marketing spectrum and how you can fit into it. This is a great chance to measure the success of your brand’s progress and further expand and build on that success. Ask yourself:

  • Have I met my quarter’s goals?

  • Have I exceeded the expected ROI (Return On Investment)?

Does my brand need help?

There are two key signs your brand needs help with regard to its Digital Marketing:

● We are not meeting our KPIs.

That could actually be for a number of reasons. Are you spending too much without achieving the required results? Is your brand struggling to obtain organic traffic and add value to its consumers? Is the number of leads coming through your website slowing down your company’s progress?

● I don’t really know where we are.

Are you unable to link all your Digital Marketing channels together? Is your content scattered and unfocused? Is your team vibing well together or are they all over the place? Are the best ideas for moving from conception to execution with the best quality? Have you reached your audience successively?


Digital Marketing Consultant

Who is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A Digital Marketing Consultant is a Digital Marketing Specialist who knows how to bring in all the best resources, tactics and strategies to help your business achieve its goals.

How can a Digital Marketing Consultant help me?

Before hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant, you need to first understand what they do exactly and what you can expect from them. They can help you in a number of areas, including:

1. Evaluating

Your Digital Marketing Consultant should be able to determine the weaknesses and strengths of your Digital Marketing status. By listening and learning more about you and the issues facing your business, they should be able to start analyzing your current situation using analytics and research. They should also find your place within the market, through exploring competitors.

2. Strategizing

Based on that brand evaluation, your Digital Marketing Consultant should start to recognize your target audience and identify buyer personas for your product or service. That will help them begin to establish a wholesome customized Marketing Strategy for your brand that focuses primarily on the marketing tactics that work best for you.

3. Branding

Through understanding your brand, what it has to offer and what it can achieve, a Digital Marketing Consultant should work with you on best presenting yourself. They should help you find your brand identity, voice, and theme. This is great in order to effectively attract your target audience and speak to them in the right tone using the perfect visuals.

4. Coordination

A great Digital Marketing Consultant will coordinate all your resources, channels and platforms to ensure the success of their strategy. For instance, they should make sure your produced content cycle is achieving the right results. Connecting SEO, website landing pages, and social media will undoubtedly guide your business into realizing more organic traffic and ranking on search engines.

5. Assessment

Your hired Digital Marketing Consultant should have all the tools to monitor the success of the pointed strategy. Analyzing your progress regularly is key to ensuring you reach the desired results.

6. Creativity

A fresh perspective is always helpful. Getting a new set of brains elevates the way your team thinks organically. Brainstorming and work-shopping ideas are important for keeping your team on edge and ready to perform. You will need your consultant to take out that spirit as well as create and add as much as possible too.

How do I pick my Digital Marketing Consultant?

If you are already wasting too much of your budget, you probably don’t want to pay more for something that might not get you to your required results. Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant is a big step for your team and your business, that’s why they should have all the necessary qualifications.

  •  Good listener

Your Digital Marketing Consultant should listen to your needs and concerns in order to fully serve your interest as They need to ask you the right questions. Collecting data and organizing it is the most vital part of the process. Without accurate info, they could reach the wrong conclusions and send your business in an opposite direction.

  •  Knowledgeable

Putting the collected data into meaningful observations and further into practical recommendations and strategies is critical. Your Digital Marketing Consultant of choice must have the tools and knowledge to identify your position in the market beside Using analytics is a great indicator you have hired the right guy.

  •  Critical thinker

Now that they have correctly identified your issues and weak points, they are ready to provide you with the solutions. These solutions must be technical as well as creative. Otherwise, there will be a shortage in your strategy.

  • Good leader

Your strategy is set and the team is rallied. It’s time for a confident and professional leader to guide them through the necessary steps. Your Digital Marketing Consultant should have the right experience to understand your team’s talents and skills and utilize them properly.

So do you think hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for your business is right for you?


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