The difference between Logo, Brand and Identity.

there are difference between logo, brand and identity
August 23, 2016

Do you know the difference between logo, brand and identity? The designs of logo, identity and brand have different rules and by collecting them together, the final image for a project or a product is formed.

The logo is the representation of the project in its simplest form using a sign or a symbol.The identity is the visual aspects, which is part of the brand.Brand is the clear emotional perception of the company.

The difference between logo, brand and identity

What is Brand?

What is a brand? The difference between logo, brand and identity.

The brand name is the concept and the name of the distinctive product, service, or idea to ease the advertising and marketing process. Your brand is the distinguishing feature of products or services which you present to your clients, and it is the relationship and link between your company and your customers’ needs that let you know how people think and feel when they experience your company.

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What is Identity?

What is the identity? The difference between logo, brand and identity.

Identity is what differentiates the company from its competitors; however, there are many factors that control the making of the company’s identity and all these factors are not always under the control of the company. The identity is everything that represents the self-image of the company, they are a harmonious combination include philosophy, culture and aesthetic interface of the company (such as the logo, website, product packaging, designs and even the company’s headquarters, etc.) that affect the consumer smoothly and easily and affect his decisions and his loyalty to the company and its products or services. the core of any corporate identity is the effect of your product / service to the consumer life, the user may not know how the manufacturing company of his favorite sports clothes has to treat its employees in its headquarters and factories, but he knows very well how these clothes are delightful, comfortable and admired by his stars, as a result this consumer will become loyal to the brand as long as he feels it represents a source of comfort, hence the commercial identity begins to be stable and the customers feel loyal to the product and the brand.

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What is Logo?

What is the logo? The difference between logo, brand and identity.

The logo is a design that shows the user the source and identity of the product / service, and it is not necessary that the logo contains the company name as it can be a slogan symbolically linked in the mind of the user to the product’s brand and its company. The identity of the company logo or product is determined through the sign, flag, symbol or sign. Logos derive their meaning from the quality of the thing that represents or stands for and not in another way; they exist to clarify the identity not interpreting it.



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