Advantages of e-Marketing for your company

there are many advantages of e-marketing which are very important for your business
October 19, 2016

After the spread of smartphones provided with high speed internet, the advantages of e-marketing increased. A lot of customers depend on their smartphones in making the purchase decision of products and services from websites. Other customers use their smartphones to make detailed research before buying services and products they need, such as price comparison and the feedback of previous customers.

advantages of e-marketing or online marketing

Many people rely on the e-marketing to buy products and services through the internet. Studies have shown that there is a steady increase in the number of buyers who make a purchase decision through a search on Google or social network such as Facebook or the comments of previous customers about the quality and price of the product.

Therefore, e-marketing through the Internet is an important way to build strong relationships with customers or potential customers. Besides, it seems that the low cost of e-marketing have begun to pull the rug from ordinary marketing, which relies on broadcast ads to all the people and groups, not just the target groups.

Know different types and methods of e-marketing.

Some points that explain the advantages of e-marketing 

importance of online marketing to business

1- Continuous sales 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days

There is no fixed schedule or time for work, as marketing of products and services is at any hour throughout the day the week and even the year. This means that we reach our customers in their spare time and in the middle of their work.

2- Reach customers in distant geographical areas

E-marketing is not based on geographic location and this means that we can complete a purchase transaction with the customer who lives in a country and a vendor in another country! So, we have overcome one of the most important difficulties in e-marketing which is the long distance difficulty.

e-marketing help to reach customers wherever they are

3- E-marketing means less cost

When investors plan to present a product or a service, they worry about the cost of building the store besides the expenses of the employees. Through e-marketing; customers can find cheap products with high quality.

4- Offer the right product to the right customer

E-marketing will help us know the behavior patterns of the customers and therefore we can offer a particular file of products and services for each group of customers. This means the increase the purchase rate by offering the right products to the right buyer.

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5- The first purchase means a sustained relationship in the future

When a buyer purchases the first product or service that we offer, it means that the buyer has started with us a special relationship; we can strengthen it through appropriate emails.

using social media in e-marketing

6- Use of social media

When a customer completes the process of buying a product from your site, he is probably happy to complete this process, this will lead him to publish your product on his own Facebook or Twitter and among many groups, pages and friends. This will be a free advertising of your product or service and this is one of the most important advantages of e-marketing.


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