5 Steps to Expand your Network to Improve your Business

If you don’t expand your network,you’ll lose opportunities !
March 27, 2016

Expanding your network is essential for your business

If you don’t expand your network,you’ll lose opportunities !
We all know that network is important for success but few of us devote sufficient time to make it useful. As an entrepreneur, it’s time to go beyond the familiar and should always be trying to expand your network, and meet more contacts who could help getting closer to your goals. You never know whom you’ll be able to connect with and where that connection will lead.

Entrepreneur is becoming more relationship-focused, and networking should be a central tool you use to move your start-up forward. Networking with no goals in mind is like starting a business without an exist strategy. It’s about building relationships, sharing information and finding sources of support. As relationships become more and more essential to business, successful entrepreneurs need to be at the forefront doing what they can to grow their network.Many of us don’t know where or even why we should networking in the first place. You can simply ask your friends and family members for the contact information of others whom they think would be beneficial for you to know.

expand your network

5 Steps to Expand your Network

1-Attending networking events is the most obvious way of expanding your professional network. It’s a technique to expand your reach and gain clients.

2- Volunteering is a great way of meeting new and interesting people who also have ambitious goals through their volunteering work. You are working side-by-side with people who share your passion for helping others. Giving out a helping hand to your local community, events, or companies can get you noticed and expand your professional network in a friendly way.

3- Hosting your events is a remarkably self-serving and satisfying way of promoting yourself. As a host, you and your space are a natural focal point. It takes a lot of planning and work, so start off small or with a partner.

4- Linking yourself is a necessary way of expanding your professional network,so make it easy for people to find you . Leave links to your blog, website, Twitter. Facebook, Linkedin and so on. You can also join groups that might be looking for your knowledge.

5- Join one or more industry organizations with people who share the same professional goals and interest, it is one of the best ways to find network contacts. you’ll have the opportunity to gain a lot of information about your contacts.


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