5 factors you should know before redesigning your website

there are many elements you should think about before redesigning your website.
October 12, 2016

Before 10 or even 5 years, website design was different from the modern website design. With the great technological development in recent years, redesigning your old website is a priority in order to meet the needs of your customers. Before redesigning your website, you have to take into consideration few things that will be explained in this article.

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What you need to know before redesigning your website


1- Collect all the important information and data on the site

Collect information and important data that you want to add to the website, it will help the designer and programmer to re-design the website. This will help in reducing the time and cost. Beside, you must know the pages you want to keep, the site and the other that you want to exclude, or want to change in the website.

2- Design High Quality Logo in many forms


Whether you want to design a new Logo or remain the same old logo, many high-quality forms of the logo should be provided. Different forms and sizes of the logo help the programmer to present the logo in a professional way in the website.

3- Use a professional designer and photographer

Visual content is transmitted to the brain quicker than the written content. Therefore, using attractive and high-quality images reflect the impression and the value of your brand and make it more widespread. The developer can use ordinary pictures, but they will not give important value to your products you want to market and sell. So, before taking the step of re-designing your website, you should use a professional designer to show your products and services in an attractive and professional way.

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4- Imagine your website


When you imagine the design of your website, you help the website designer and developer to identify specific design before they start making a design far from your imagination which will cost you time, effort and money. You can see first on successful sites that offer the same services, where you can extract the most important elements you want in your site, such as:

a- The form of lines.

b- Colors used in the website.

c- The number of columns, rows and menus on the website.

d- Icons to present images.

e- You can take screenshots to help the designer in dividing and designing the website.

5- Prepare a list of basic needs in the website



Try to help the designer and programmer and tell them the basics or needs you want to add in the website such as:

a- Blog: If you need a blog on the site to record promotional articles.

b- Online store: If you need a shop from which the customers can do shopping.

c- Event organizer: event organizer is added to the site to present the events organized by your company.

d- Registration form: registration form helps you to know your potential customers.

e- Staff: staff page shows all the members of your company with their job title and responsibilities.



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