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E-Commerce is the industry of buying, selling and exchanging products and services through the Internet. An E-Commerce website helps you increase your market presence, or to improve your existing market level by providing a cheaper and more efficient spreading chain for your products or services.

Through the leading E-Commerce Website Development Company in Egypt, Code95, you can save the cost of offline stores, reach your customers anywhere and give them instant access to your products online.

Stay open 24\7 through your very own online store!

Technologies we love for E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Website Development Company in EgyptOur developers are constantly working to bring the best and most up to date technologies to our Code95 family. This includes using Magento for E-Commerce websites. Code95 developers use Magento for a number of users. First of all, it covers all function, design and flexibility aspects of a successful web store. Second of all, the Magento open source community makes it extra easy for all developers to create amazing websites from scratch in no time with maximum technical support and SEO friendliness.

Acti Egypt

Using the latest E-commerce Website Development technology, Code95 offered an online solution for Acti Egypt.

An E-commerce website where users can browse, view and compare home appliances from brands like De’Longhi and Kenwood.

This website enables users to purchase their home appliance of choice through the easiest process and the smoothest user experience.

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