Step by Step Guide to

Digitize your Business in 2019

E-Commerce and social commerce solutions

E-Commerce is the industry of buying, selling and exchanging products and services through Internet.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is the industry of buying, selling and exchanging products and services through the Internet. E-Commerce technique helps you to increase your market presence, or to improve your existing market level, by providing a cheaper and more efficient spreading chain for your products or services.

Benefits of having E-Commerce Solution for your business:-

E-commerce Saved physical store costs:-

-Save the costs of buying or renting physical store.

-Save expenses of bills utility like (water, gas, electricity…etc.)

-Save offline marketing costs like banners and printed materials.

-Save employees’ salaries.

Availability and customer reach:-

-Available 24/7, so your customers can visit you during their appropriate time.

-Expand your geographical reach and get new customers from different provinces and places.

-A Facebook app. is an interface for your online store; it will also help you to reach more customers.

-Social media integration on the online store will make the buyer as a promoter and initiate the buying


Store and product management:-

-Unlike the physical store, you can build the online store within hours.

-Updating the products is way easier and more flexible than the physical store.

-The search tab will help you to reach the product in less than a second, instead of going through your

store racks.

-The online store will protect your products from being stolen, damaged or broken.

-No need for price tags and less paperwork.

Inventory management:-

-You can fully manage your product image, size, specifications and price.

-You can also track the availability of your product, what is in stock and what is out of stock.

Reporting system:-

-Built in analytic that will let you keep track of your web sales and progress over time.

-Built in reporting feature allows you to get real time information on consumer activity.

-You can also review individual product performance such as top selling items.

-You can also report on inventory results to keep your store will stocked with your top selling items.


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