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Yalla’N’Shop Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Website as a Service solution owned and operated by Code95.
January 08, 2015

Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Website as a Service solution owned and operated by Code95. The website is an online store on Facebook in a form of application page tab, and a website with a mobile interface. Yalla N Shop is a full featured social Ecosystem that provides you with the applications and resources needed to enhance your e-commerce business model, and increase your profits by generating sales.


Yalla N Shop is an integrated E-Commerce website and solution.

Yalla Nshop offers what you need to promote and sell your product online. Through Yalla N Shop website, you can deliver the right products to your customers and also build a strong relationship with your consumers. All you have to do is signing up, and the operation of creating your online store will start. Yalla N Shop website enables you to choose the design of your own store. As well as, managing your store will not be difficult anymore.

Yalla N Shop meets your exact needs to promote your products online. You can receive customers’ orders anytime and anywhere. Besides, Code95 guarantees you to exceed your customers’ expectations through making their experience in online shopping easy, secure and smooth. Yalla N Shop will help your online business in accelerating your Return On Investment.





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