Welad El-Balad

http://weladelbalad.com/ Welad El-balad considered as the first personalized and location based online newspaper website on the level of governorate.
April 26, 2016

Welad El-Balad newspaper website is considered a great leap to expand their digital presence.

It’s a question we get regularly: “Who’s still reading print newspaper?”. Digital audience continuously growing worldwide, their engagement with newspaper content reached a new peak in 2015, totalling 179.3 million adult visitors, which reveal the vitality of newspaper media in an era where all businesses are challenging to enhance performance. Regarding this statistic, Welad El-balad have taken the decision to establish their newspaper website.

Reading attitudes have changed; mobile technologies and the internet in general are transforming our ways of media consumption. The shift of news consumption from traditional media to online news media is rapidly changing the media landscape. Online news has opened up new avenues and possibilities for newspapers in providing breaking news faster than ever. Subsequently, finding the latest news and other breaking news are easier for people across the globe since they don’t need to buy printed newspapers only to know the current events in the globe. Rather, they only have to use their laptops or their smart mobile phones and connect it to the internet to read online news.

As a result, instead of continuing as a page inside Masrawy website, Welad El-balad newspaper decided to initiate their own. According to our experience and goodwill, Code95 was proudly elected among several companies to carry out this newspaper website to complete our chain of successes after fulfilling El-Masry El-Youm Sharek, El-Masry El-Youm Light, El-Borsa News and Daily News Egypt websites.

The challenge we faced was creating a centralized website with decentralized backend of data entry, another challenge was to develop and design a website that ensures all their editions are completely well managed in an integrated way. We developed a web solution by which they can control and manage all their webpages from one admin panel.

Welad El-balad considered as the first personalized and location based online newspaper on the level of governorate. The website is specialized in discussing various issues and topics (social – environmental – political – sport – cultural – etc …) among the Egyptian Society.


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