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Vodafone Code95 developed & designed Vodafone Egypt forum for Vodafone users to facilitate the communicate process with the customer support team.
August 27, 2015

Vodafone Egypt, part of the UK’s Vodafone Group, is a mobile network operator in Egypt, formerly known as Click GSM. Vodafone wanted to have an online customer support on a social media network (Facebook). This is when Code95 developed & designed an online forum that is integrated on Facebook.  What’s different about the forum, is that it has the same look and feel of Facebook with all the social interactions, and that it has mobile interface (iPhone/Android/Blackberry).

The well developed & designed forum is a solution provided for Vodafone users to facilitate the communicate process with the customer support team.

It is a fact that mobile phone caused a revolution in the communication field, in which the number of users has become more than 93.2 million users in Egypt, and 7.6 billion users all over the world. Communication through mobile has changed the way we work, and the method of communication between people and brought many benefits to society.

In 1998, Vodafone started its work in the Egyptian market as the second mobile operator company, through a coalition between The International Vodafone and AirTouch Company and other local and international partners. The year 2006 witnessed an important step, launching Vodafone Egypt International Services, which is working to provide the pledge services and information technology services to whether Vodafone Group or other companies. The company offers its services through more than 2200 employees who are speaking 10 different languages, to provide technical support and customer service at the highest international levels to the customers.

Since 2007, the contributors in Vodafone Egypt are; Vodafone group by 54.93%, Telecom Egypt Company by 44.94% and free circulation by 0.13. Vodafone Egypt has grown over the years to become the leading mobile operator in Egypt. Not only in terms of the revenue share of the Egyptian market, but also to become the first mobile network in Egypt with the largest customer base. Google+





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