This is Egypt

This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.
December 20, 2015

This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.

Minister of Tourism Hisham Za’zou’ launched This is Egypt campaign in order to exclude the negative impression of tourism in Egypt saying:  “We are at a pivotal point in terms of tourism development in the country and the new campaign demonstrates our commitment in attracting travelers from our sister Arab countries to discover our beautiful nation,” he said. The minister clarify that the campaign is a considerable movement which will resound in the region.


This is Egypt website designed particularly to highlight Egypt’s touristic famous spots.

This is Egypt hashtag’ s purpose is to popularize tourism on social media platforms through the individual contributions and participation of people sharing pictures of their personal travel experience. Contributions included images of touristic spots in Egypt along with positive feedback on the beauty of the Red Sea, the Western Desert, the Nile Valley and the rest of amazing Egyptian districts.

When we have been chosen to carry out this project, the first thing we thought about is in order to convey the campaign message to the tourists, the website content should be really convincing. And nothing is more powerful than showing irresistible photos that illustrates the extent of Egypt’s beauty. These photos will definitely catch the tourists’ eyes and attract them to Egypt.

What makes the website unique is that we linked the website with all the hashtags on Instagram and twitter that shows the special landmarks, the mesmerizing nature and the wonderful beaches in Egypt. That enable the user to search by hashtags, the user can also share any photos that will encourage tourism in Egypt.

The challenge we faced in this project is that we have been given two weeks only to deliver the website. But the deadline wasn’t a hinder at all as we were able to finish it on time with the required specifications.



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