SCCT scct project info
January 02, 2017

SCCT, Suez Canal Container Terminal, is an Egyptian terminal opened in 2004 as a Joint Venture with APM Terminals. SCCT is strategically located at the mouth of the Suez Canal – offering zero deviation from one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world – and creating unique access to key markets in the East Mediterranean and Egypt.

SCCT has succeeded in handling 21,000 vessels with a total of 29.5 million TEUs produced in 12 years of operations. With a 5 million TEUs annual capacity, SCCT has committed to raise Egypt’s rank in the container handling industry and to be one of the most efficient and remarkable hub terminals within the Mediterranean.

As SCCT has become the main terminal for 50% of the total container traffic in Egypt, they have decided to develop a new website that presents the core of their business and the services they provide in an attractive way.

The SCCT old website was a flash website with a very poor design and they had problems with data entry and content management as the backend wasn’t dynamic. That’s why the new responsive website with its simple UI and UX is considered as a great leap in the SCCT online presence. It has a dynamic backend integration, which facilitates the control of all data entry for all the website sections.

There’s a section created to help the shipping lines check the availability of terminals and track their containers. Customers can log in the internal gate moves system with specified username and password and view all their gate moves.

The media centre in the website contains Photo and video gallery, press releases, news and 360 views for the terminal. There is a flash video that shows the components of the terminal and the mechanism of loading and discharging containers.

One of the challenges we faced in the website development was integrating the customers’ section on the website with the Internal Gate Moves System used in SCCT through APIs.


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