http://www.juhayna.com/ Juhayna Project info
December 08, 2016

Juhayna Food Industries is Egypt’s leading dairy and juice manufacturer specialized in the production, processing and packaging of dairy, juice, and cooking products. Since it was founded in 1983, it has pioneered the dairy and juice production industry in Egypt and has expanded its presence in the Middle East. Juhayna’s commitment to deliver a wide range of high-quality, healthy, and safe products made it one of the most trusted and preferable names to the households.

Juhayna decided to empower their online presence

Code95 was proudly chosen to develop the new responsive website for Juhayna that befits such a pioneering company.

The new website is designed in a simple elegant way that encourages users to dig more and explore all the website sections. The website is mainly controlled through a dynamic backend that facilitates the data access of all the website sections. The investors section has become easily controlled from the backend without depending on a third party to apply data entry. There is also a new section for careers where job seekers can apply for any vacancies in Juhayna. The website presents each of Juhayna brands in an easy way with details about the brand products and components.

The challenge we faced was creating a website rich in content with more than 10 modules. Code95 team was always keen on being aligned with all the client’s needs to provide the best UI and UX to the end user. The website was designed to be responsive, where we took into consideration the user interface that encourages users to do engagement with the website with cross-platform compatibility to assure the ability for all devices to work with any platform or operating system ranging from small smart phones to large tablet and laptop screens.


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