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Dandin Code95 took the challenge to develop only website found in the Middle East Market using latest/most advanced techniques out there.
September 08, 2015

Dandin is a brand new innovation sound service and the only one found in the Middle East Market. The owners had a dream to help people be heard & explore their talent in any field from comedy, to music & politics. Code95 took the challenge to develop this website and decided to get you in the “Music Empire” we live it through the project. The project was done using the Agile management system, where the team was adaptable and fixable to changes that took place during the project. Working in this project brought us so much excitement and challenge.

Code95 was excited to develop such a project and to experience the great challenge, using latest/most advanced techniques out there.

Taking into consideration that dandin’s main approach is satisfying its audiences, dandin decided to make it easier for the regular user to navigate through the website. The website presents the best singers for the week, and also the best nominations in both singers and tracks to make it easy for you to search for any piece of music and songs you want or your favorite singer by his or her name.

dandin is not only cares about the listening to music, but it also pays attention to clarify the history of the music and musician, in dandin’s blog you can read whatever you want about your favorite type of music or your beloved artists and even watching videos for their big moments too .

To make sure that you will always receive the updates of the new tracks or songs all over the world, Code95 provided the website with three main sections for you on the homepage to be the first noticed thing once you logged in.
1- Latest tracks (presents the newest tracks and songs).
2-Most listened (this folder will deliver you the most listened music by all users around the world).
3-Top liked (the most liked songs).



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