Daily News Egypt

Daily news Egypt developed and designed to suits presenting different services with total efficiency
January 08, 2015

Daily news Egypt wanted to have an extension of the newspaper online, the challenge was that they needed the newspaper in a week. This is when Code95 accepted the challenge and developed/designed, and launched the newspaper in the expected time. The website developed and designed in a very sophisticated yet simple taste. The look and feel is classy and comfortable for the eye. Also, the usability of the website is really easy; users can navigate from an article to another without facing any difficulties.

Daily news Egypt developed designed and developed to suits presenting distinctive services like video and gallery services.


The website offers the video service in which the latest news for the current events and the important issues in the Egyptian streets, are displayed in videos.  The website also provides the gallery service which display the photos with a full description for events related to the current events.
Daily news Egypt is Egypt’s only daily independent news provider in English for Egypt and MENA region. The newspaper originally launched in 2005. May 2012, the owner of the daily financial newspaper Alborsa, obtained the rights to Daily News Egypt in. Daily News Egypt makes it available for English speakers inside and outside Egypt to know the latest developments and updates in Egyptian and international events.

Daily news Egypt is an integrated informative newspaper handle political, cultural, and economic, sports, technological news as well as opinion, lifestyle, tourism articles and interviews. Besides, having a special section of opinion articles, this section includes articles written by Egyptian, Arab, and Foreigners writers. The daily news team of journalists, editors, photographers and designers are all professional in their occupations.

It provides the reader with news reporting services that present a clear vision for the daily events. Daily new Egypt is concerning in presenting meaningful news and avoid publishing trivia. The newspaper is characterized by fluency and clarity in writing style and relies on the easy language to suit all the readers of the newspaper.




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