The CCHE 57357

The CCHE 57357 is adopting a valuable approach which is providing a free treatment for kids infected with cancer.
January 08, 2015

CCHE 57357 Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals specializing in children’s cancer in the world. It is considered a symbol of societal solidarity and togetherness in Egypt.

The cost of establishing the hospital and inputting medical equipment, as well as the cost of the cure, is provided entirely by donations. And as expected, many Egyptian politicians, businessmen and athletes have participated in donation campaigns for 57357. The hospital is adopting a valuable approach which is providing a free treatment for kids infected with cancer.

The CCHE 57357’s vision and mission is articulated clearly as a desire to become a center of excellence. The patients and their families constantly address the collaborative partnership that they believe is necessary to achieve the highest quality care for the 57357 patients.

CCHE 57357 is working on raising curability rates to reach international levels through scientific methods and offering excellent medical care to as many children as possible.

57357 Hospitals which officially opened its doors for the first time in July 7, 2007, has made many partnerships with numerous international medical organizations in the field of cancer treatment.

At the beginning of 2015, the spokesman of the hospital announced that curability rate of childhood cancer reached nearly 72%. They aim to expand the hospital’s capacity to absorb larger numbers of children with cancer taking into consideration that the annual rate of cancer patients exceeding by 10,000.

CCHE wanted to develop and design a website that reflects the inner environment of the hospital; they wanted colors that conveyed hope and passion for life, that’s why we chose the sky colors and other cheerful ones. The website was developed to ease the user experience and navigation, especially easing the donation process.

This was one of the huge projects that took time in development and design but we delivered it as promised.


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