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AlBorsa News project information
August 27, 2015

AlBorsa News website is a website specialized in providing the latest/daily Egyptian economic and stock market information and indications. The website provides full information about the Egyptian mutual funds, The Egyptian stock market and detailed market reports. Code95 was picked to develop AlBorsa news website because of our experiences with online newspapers’ websites like AMAY Light, Sharek and Daily news. The challenge was that AlBorsa owners wanted the development and launching of the website to be done within two weeks. That was one of the biggest challenges because the website is huge in terms of data entry and updates.

The development of AlBorsa News website was an essential step.

Alborsa News is a daily economic newspaper published in Egypt and covers all economic and financial sectors. It monitors and analyzes the economic facts professionally to provide the reader with the most important news and information about all sections without exceptions. Alborsa News was Founded in April 2008 as a daily economic newspaper published under license from the Supreme Council for Press and involved in all sectors, including the stock exchange, banks, real estate, insurance, tourism, automobiles, telecommunications, transportation , and energy.
AlBorsa News is considered the daily economic instrument in which the decision-makers and businessmen, companies and investors are lean on for the development of their business. AlBorsa News is not just a daily newspaper, but it also publishes weekly supplements. Banking supplement, which is published each week on Sunday and deals with monitoring and analysis the developments of monetary policy, interest rates and comprehensive coverage of banks’ news and their new products. Trading supplement covers the daily movement of the Egyptian capital market as well as detailed and analytical coverage of previous week. Markets and business is published on Monday of each week. Smart supplement published on Wednesday of each week and in conferences, it deals with developments in telecommunications and information technology sector such as Cairo ICT conference.

There are also monthly supplements published. Logistics supplement published on the first Tuesday of every month and covers traffic and logistics. Build supplement published on the first Sunday of every month and deals with the construction and real estate during the month. Insurance supplement published each month and covers the latest developments in the insurance sector.




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