Why You Need Influential Marketing For Your Business & How To Master It ?

Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing channel you shouldn’t underestimate, nowadays influencers can reach a massive number of people who they can effortlessly convey any


Why Video Marketing Is The Future of Content Creation? “Infographic”

Over the most recent 10 years, the digital landscape has changed significantly. Individuals are eliminating desktop
and laptop computers to search the web and interact with


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5 steps you should consider before kicking off the new year!

We are on the verge of wrapping up 2017 to welcome 2018. 
There are 5 Steps you need to consider before kicking off the new year:


Augmented Reality

Using the latest trends and the cutting edge technologies is very important to foster innovation and to offer the best quality and services compatible with the

Group 42

Butterfly Effect & Business Growth

“You could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby


Customer Appreciation

Generally successful long-term relationships require respect, attentive listening, showing some concern and care toward your partner. All these concepts can be summarised in one


TOP 5 Best Websites For Tech News 2017

TOP 5  Best Websites


All tech savvys should check this website on a regular basis as

Code95tech (1)


Hasssan Jameel for cars is one of the biggest corporate in ksa, they are agents for Toyota – Lexus.
Based on their request we



ElBadil is a Comprehensive media portal, following the Progress Organization for Press and Media LLC, their moto is (the voice of the oppressed) Where their



Juhayna Food Industries is Egypt’s leading dairy and juice manufacturer specialized in the production, processing and packaging of dairy, juice, and cooking products. Since it


Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of a specific short-term project which has a beginning, an end and specified deliverers.

IOS Developer

We are looking for an IOS developer responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a range of IOS devices including mobile phones


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E-Commerce and social commerce solutions

What is E-Commerce?
E-Commerce is the industry of buying, selling and exchanging products and services through the Internet. E-Commerce technique

E-Commerce is the industry of buying, selling and exchanging products and services through Internet.

Waleed Ghalwash

Being the Art & Creative Director and Technology coordinator at Egypt Web Technologies (code95.com) with responsibilities for all visual aspects of onscreen projects; I establish


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Five Branding Off-Limits

Don’t copy cat!
Stick to your identity and create things that will let you stand out from your competitors otherwise you will keep on

brand (2)


SCCT “Suez Canal Container Terminal” is an Egyptian terminal opened in 2004 as a Joint Venture with APM Terminals, the majority shareholder and operator. SCCT


Amr Mohamed

Technology Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Egypt Web Technologies Code95 S.A.E and ENT Doctor. A loud, bi-polar, hard-core, beyond ambition Gemini.

19 (2)

Mobile App Studio and Mobility Solutions

Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology, mobile phones have become an essential part of people’s daily life and the best way to reach them anywhere

Mobile app development

Not all apps are time-wasting during school days, some apps comes in handy!

Schools and Colleges are knocking on the doors and it may


Hosting and cloud solutions

Over the years Code95 was providing the Hosting, Network and Business solutions for it’s customers, as we believe that pioneering web services and solutions will

We are masters in the field of Hosting, Network, and Business solutions.

Nogoum FM Responsive Website

Nogoum FM was born in 2003 as a broadcast radio station from Cairo – Egypt providing contemporary hits music, talk and information.
They made

Code95 proudly has been chosen to develop the responsive website of the number one radio in Egypt, Nogoum FM.

How to get rid of songs stuck in your head? – Earworm phenomenon

You are on your way to work, switched on the radio , oh they are playing -Justin Bieber song Despacito- you arrived work , and


Sherif Sayed

I’m a Linux System administrator at code95  ,
Create a virtualization VPS
Cloud Mail servers
secure all websites are hosted in Code95 data center
Create local server as development


Magrabi Hospitals & Centers

Has evolved from being a simple eye hospital in Jeddah to become the largest and first sub-specialized medical care in the Middle East

magrabi 555-450

Social media & Digital marketing

Search is evolving, and social media is becoming more important in search results. Traditional notions of brand authority are increasingly influenced by social content and

Digital marketing is much easier than offline marketing in terms of managing and assigning tasks.

The upcoming total solar eclipse is the matter of the moment

What’s all the fuss about it? And what makes it a controversial case? Simply It doesn’t happen since 1979 and it won’t happen again after


Welad El-balad newspaper website

It’s a question we get regularly: “Who’s still reading print newspaper?”. Digital audience continuously growing worldwide, their engagement with newspaper content reached a new

Welad El-balad considered as the first personalized and location based online newspaper website on the level of governorate.

Business Development Specialist

If you’re interested in business but don’t want to go the traditional route.

Then you should join our team


Open source customization and implementation

Open source customization and implementation

Untitled-1 copy

This is Egypt Website designed by Code95

This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.

Minister of

This is Egypt is a website designed to boost and support tourism in Egypt, the campaign is held under the supervision of the ministry of tourism.

SEO Specialist

The SEO Specialist will be responsible to develop original content to include keyword or phrases that will increase traffic to a site.

The mission of an

Custom Made web solutions, portals and websites

Custom web solutions that fits your business needs.

saCode95 Servicey

Boosting your brand like an Artist

It’s proven from the dawn of time that people love things which make them feel like they belong to, things



 123kora is a live feed website, designed specifically to cover the football (Soccer) matches and leagues details moment to moment and

123kora is a live feed website, designed and developed by Code95 specifically to cover the football (Soccer) matches and leagues details moment to moment

Must have apps on your phone for your summer vacation.

Don’t miss to take this helpful Apps with you before you head to your summer vacation.

Along with the bag packing mission, there are some Apps


NCF developed website

Ncf developed website representing NCF project by ITIDA and IFC. This prigram is aiming to develop a sustainable approach to enhance the employability of Egyptian

The NCF developed website by Code95 is expected to be a quantum leap in the development of education, training and employment sectors in IT industry

Safaa Mahmoud

“For me, Code95 has the best team to be working with. Although, its such a responsibility to be the purchasing person in the place,

For me Safaa Mahmoud, its such a responsibility to be the purchasing person in the place, but the great team is helping in not making it a hard job.

Nostalgia & Marketing

Throwback to one of the fifties Pepsi Ads and thereafter Pepsi kept coming up with new ads ideas every Ramadan non-stop, the development of the


Karim Ahmed

“Code95 provides a platform where you can thrive, grow and advance; both personally and professionally. As a developer in Code95, it is my

As Karim Ahmed, a developer in Code95, it is my responsibility to write well designed, testable, and efficient code by using best softwareintegrate data

Arab Source Code

Arab Source Code is an open source network to promote cooperationand collaboration between the Foss communities in the Arab countries.We got a proposal from NGO, they

Arab Source Code is an open source network to promote cooperation between Foss communities in Arab countries to increase development of open source network.

أربع تطبيقات ممكن تساعدك فى شهر رمضان

شهر رمضان الكريم على الأبواب, بعد كام يوم من دلوقتى هنكون بنحضر الفطار والشوارع مليانة زينة و أنوار و فوانيس. فى مصر بنشوف

4 app 1

Egypt the Future Website for Egypt Economic Conference

Is a website that introduces Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) which is hosted by the president Abdel-Fattah El Sisi in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 13-15

It is expected that Egypt Economic Development Conference will help in developing Egyptian Economy.

4 Ramadan apps you need to know about

The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner, few days from now we will be preparing for the Iftar, streets will be lighted with


5 Autism apps that will help them connect

In this world there are a lot of extraordinary people, people who meant to face different circumstances and their success has completely different measures. Autistic

Autism Apps


Vodafone Egypt, part of the UK’s Vodafone Group, is a mobile network operator in Egypt, formerly known as Click GSM. Vodafone wanted to have an online customer support on

Code95 developed & designed Vodafone Egypt forum for Vodafone users to facilitate the communicate process with the customer support team.

Mahmoud Eid

“I was lucky to work for Code95. Here, projects start with new concepts, and delivered before or within the exact deadline with efficiency

I, Mahmoud Eid, was lucky to work for Code95. Here, projects start with new concepts, and delivered before or within the exact deadline with efficiency.

اليوم العالمى للتوحد: خمس تطبيقات للتواصل مع المصابين بمرض بالتوحد

يوم 2 إبريل هو اليوم العالمى للتوحد, بدأ الإحتفال باليوم ده فى 2008 بعد إجماع جميع الدول الأعضاء فى الأمم المتحدة على أهمية

Autism Apps

AMAY Sharek

AMAY Sharek is a website developed as an extension from Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper. Al Masry Al-Youm is a daily independent newspaper with the highest distribution in the Egyptian market.

Sharek is the first website developed to empower the Egyptian citizen to articulate news and topics.


AMAY Light is a developed extension from Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper. After 10 years of launching Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, they decided to change the way we see news

Misr Light is developed to deliver the best news experience.

5 Tips to achieve customer retention strategies

No doubts we believe that customers are hugely important asset to any company. Without a strong customers’ bond and their satisfaction you soon will go

Customer retention

Daily News Egypt

Daily news Egypt wanted to have an extension of the newspaper online, the challenge was that they needed the newspaper in a week. This is

The website developed and designed to suits presenting different services with total efficiency

Expected trends in 2017

It is taken for granted that business world is in continues growth. Every year experts expect many trends and strategies to rise and grow. These

There are many expected trends in 2017.

AlBorsa News

AlBorsa News website is a website specialized in providing the latest/daily Egyptian economic and stock market information and indications. The website provides full information about the

Code95 was picked to develop Al-borsa website, which is considered a daily economic tool in which businessmen are lean on the development of their business

The great hookup, social media and business! (Infograph)

It’s noticed that all the social media platforms are now focusing on commerce and advertising; they are heading to business world trying to fit in

infograph post-01

The CCHE 57357

CCHE 57357 Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals specializing in children’s cancer in the world. It is considered a symbol of societal solidarity and

The CCHE 57357 is adopting a valuable approach which is providing a free treatment for kids infected with cancer.

News in paper…. Gone with the wind!

This question was asked 10 years ago by the economist “Who killed the newspaper?!”, if they needed sometimes to guess the answer in 2006, it’s

In this era, the online newspaper is the alternate of the printed newspaper


Dandin is a brand new innovation sound service and the only one found in the Middle East Market. The owners had a dream to help people

Code95 took the challenge to develop only website found in the Middle East Market using latest/most advanced techniques out there.

Crystal Clear: Business Trends 2016

With the rapid and continuous growth of the digital era; the presence of new business trends helped to increase the competitions and opportunities in the

important business trends in 2016


Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Website as a Service solution owned and operated by Code95. The website is an online store on Facebook in a

Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Website as a Service solution owned and operated by Code95.

Account Based Marketing, When Sales and Marketing Meet!

Account based marketing is considered a business to business (B2B) strategy helps in building cooperation between sales and marketing to present tailored offers to specific accounts. The

account based marketing depends on collaboration between sales and marketing

Increase your customers through your website content

Content is one of the essential elements of any website regardless the used language. According to several studies, content is used to evaluate websites, as

website content is a very important mrketing tool

5 Steps To Make a Successful Marketing Plan

Marketing plan is known as the cornerstone or one of the important basics of marketing management. It is the method and necessary procedures to maintain

marketing plan is very important for your business

انشاء موقع متجاوب ليعمل على الهواتف و التابلت افضل

إزاي اخلى الموقع بتاعى موقع متجاوب (Responsive) علشان يتقرى على الأجهزة الصغيرة؟

تعرف دلوقتي ان في معظم المواقع 80% من مستخدمينها بيفتحوا الموقع من خلال الموبايل، و20%

كيفية انشاء موقع متجاوب على الهواتف والتابلت

Short videos are your way to spread across networks

Recently, Twitter decided to increase videos that can be shared in the network to 140 second. This type of content (short videos) attracts social networking

short videos are the best way to spread your business across differet networks.

4 Basic Tips To Promote Mobile Application

Application development is one of the most promising and effective industries. Smartphones are in steadily spread, as most of us depend on our phones to

There are many important tips to promote mobile application

How to choose the best e-Marketing companies for your business

The presence of hundreds of e-marketing companies in the market may confuse you in choosing the best for your company. So, how do you determine

there are many tips to choose best e-marketing companies to help you in your business.

gulp هو سر المبرمجين علشان يوصلوا بمواقعهم لأحسن سرعة في التحميل

عمرك فكرت قبل كده ازاى اسرع الموقع بتاعى، ازاى اخلى التحميل يبقى احسن واسرع من باقى المواقع، أو ازاى اقدر اوصل لعدد ثواني قياسى في التحميل.

اهمية ال gulp للمبرمجين للوصول لسرعة تحميل عالية

7 steps bloggers should follow after publishing new articles

In this article, I’m going to discus with you 7 steps bloggers should follow after writing and publishing a new article, and these steps will

bloggers need to know and follow many tips after they publish articles

Developing mobile application is a must for your business!

While some believe that developing mobile application is for commercial projects only, many of small, medium enterprises and emerging companies rely on a mobile app

Nowadays developing mobile application is very important

هل يستطيع المبرمجون الإستغناء عن الفلاش في إظهار الجرافيكس في مواقع الانترنت؟

 من فترة كده الناس إتكلمت عن جزء الفلاش اللي موجود في معظم مواقع الإنترنت، واللي كان بيستخدم في إظهار إعلان متحرك مثلاً أو

هل يستطيع المبرمجون الإستغناء عن الفلاش في إظهار الجرافيكس في مواقع الانترنت؟

Advantages of e-Marketing for your company

After the spread of smartphones provided with high speed internet, the advantages of e-marketing increased. A lot of customers depend on their smartphones in making the

there are many advantages of e-marketing which are very important for your business

ايه أحسن طريقة فى إدارة المشروعات ؟

إدارة المشروعات
إدارة المشروعات موضوع من أكثر الموضوعات دراسة، اللي هو اسمه Project Management، أنا هتكلم هنا عن إدارة المشروعات

يوجد اكثر من طريقة مناسبة ل إدارة المشروعات الخاصة بك

How to increase your website traffic?

Why do we create websites on the Internet? The purpose of creating the website is to make visits and even the highest possible rate of

there are many ways to increase website traffic suck as unique content and strog external links.

5 factors you should know before redesigning your website

Before 10 or even 5 years, website design was different from the modern website design. With the great technological development in recent years, redesigning your

there are many elements you should think about before redesigning your website.

How to Choose Right e-Marketing Strategies for your Company

Some companies are still considering that traditional marketing is the best way to market their goods and services. In most of these cases, the main

choosing the right e-marketing strategies is very important for your company

Different Types and Methods of e-Marketing

E-marketing is a type of marketing which is completed through means of modern technology such as the Internet and mobile. The importance of e-marketing has

there are many methods of e-marketing to help expand your business

13 Advice To Improve Website Ranking On Search Engines

Top tips to improve website ranking

1- If you want to use the Javascript language in the

important tips to improve website ranking

6 Basic Skills Of Successful Content Marketers

Before explaining the necessary skills of successful content marketers, first you should know what is content marketing?
Content marketing has many definitions:

essential skills to be successful content marketers

How Can SEO Content Increase Your Business

To know and understand the meaning of SEO Content, we will explain each word separately.

SEO means search engine optimization which is

seo content help you to increase your business through reaching the top results in search engine

Importance of Visual Content Marketing in Business

The simple definition of Visual content marketing is marketing with visual contents such as photos and videos. But the deepest definition is how to use


6 Steps to Build a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

When you start thinking about content marketing it’s necessary to know the main aim of the content you will write and share. You should know whether

content marketing strategy is very important to build your business

Successful Strategies for B2B e-Commerce

It is expected that e-commerce is witnessing significant growth in the coming years, especially trade between companies (b2b e-commerce), so it is necessary to know

Strategies to build B2B e-Commerce site

5 Mistakes Managers Make With Remote Employees

Hiring and managing remote employees and workers in virtual workplace became a new trend in business. Remote employees don’t need a daily commute or a

Mistakes Managers should know and take care of before hiring remote employees

How you can begin blogging on internet?

At first you have to create your website and then determine a goal you want to achieve from blogging on internet, this goal may be

blogging on internet becomes an important role in content marketing

How Landing Pages Increase Sales and Conversion Rates.

Internet is no longer as in the past, things are evolving day after day, styles change, and every day more new marketing strategies are generating,

landing pages increase conversion rates and sales of your business

How to be on the top results in search engines?

Building a friendly website to search engines like Google is considered one of the most important factors to be on the top results on search engines. The

seo friendly articles help websites to reach top results in search engines

Marketing funnel in 5 steps to improve your sales

Theoretically the marketing funnel is the steps describing the sales process from the beginning to the end. A funnel is used to represent the buyer

marketing funnel is the process which describes the sales process

Steps to build a successful teamwork

It’s not a secret that teamwork helps to achieve goals faster than individual work. It’s necessary to form a trained successful teamwork to be able to

there are many steps to be able to build a successful business.

The difference between Logo, Brand and Identity.

Do you know the difference between logo, brand and identity? The designs of logo, identity and brand have different rules and by collecting them together,

there are difference between logo, brand and identity

Tips to Help Startup Companies

As an entrepreneur, creating your own Startup Company and building a successful business is not that difficult anymore. Any successful business begin with a brilliant

tips to help startup companies to develop their business

How to create content? Content Guidelines

Creating valuable content is an important asset of your website. Many companies choose to attract audiences and leads through building an effective and efficient community

There are many steps you should do to create content

How to promote business or brand using content types

Creating content has become an essential aspect of successful marketing as it considered the most effective way to promote business. Content is not just a

There are many content typesto promote business such as blog articles, meme, infographics, images and videos

Measure Your App Success

Nowadays, people are using their smartphones more than using computers. The majority of people prefer using smartphones because the apps they can install and use.

app success depends on many factors like measuring its performance through mobile app analytics

Top Content Marketing Strategies and Tips

Content marketing strategies and tips can help you to grow your business through writing relevant content to add value to your users and meet their interest.

content marketing strategies is very important to your website's content

ما الفرق بين HTML5 و HTML4 ؟ و ما هي مميزات HTML5؟

الموضوع هنا مش هيبقى مخصوص عن لغة الـ HTML أكتر ما هنتكلم هنا عن ايه الجديد في HTML5  ، وكمان هنتكلم بالخصوص في

مميزات لغة HTML4 و HTML5

What Are Golden Rules In Blogging?

It’s a frequently asked question; what are the golden rules in blogging? The truth is that there isn’t just one golden rule; there

Golden Rules In Blogging

Online Marketing Challenges Facing Companies

Generally, the definition of the term marketing has changed from the past. All the marketers are facing problems, or we can call them


Learn How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Developing a mobile app is the easiest step in the lifecycle of your business. The difficult step is to convince your customer to

Its not easy to increase mobile app downloads but it's not that difficult

8 Google tricks help in SEO and Advanced Search

After reading this article, on one hand you will be able to know more about Google tricks and also save more time while searching. On the

not all users are familiar with google tricks and secrets

What do you know about Project Management?

Project Management is the process of applying knowledge, technology, experience and skills to reach the project’s objectives. There are different steps,

many people don't know enough info about project management

What you need to know before creating e-commerce website

E-Commerce is the process of practicing commercial activities including products, services and information. E-Commerce website is not only for buying, selling and trading anything

E-commerce website and online stores are excellent opportunity to expand business

Pokemon Go causes walking stumble

Pokemon Go causes walking stumble and get lost 
Pokemon Go players are now walking down to random streets to chase and catch their pokemons. They enter

People are exposed to walking stumble while playing pokemon go.

Pokemon Go threatens privacy! Here’s the solution!

Since the releasing of Pokemon Go app, it takes over the top ranking in the mobile apps downloading. This app has a massive

Pokemon Go threatens privacy is a sentence that many users are using to their annoyance.

Watch out! Pokemons on the road!

Nearly, everyone around the world heard about pokemon go app. Pokemon go app is considered the most downloaded app till now. Although the huge number

Pokemons on the road is a fact nowadays

How “Pokemon Go Trend” benefits in Marketing products?

Pokemon Go App is spreading like wildfire over the internet, it’s not just a Pokemon Go Game, It’s a Pokemon Go Trend, How? why?
Pokemon Go is

Pokemon Go Trend is becoming very important for marketing products in the past few days

What are backlinks? How they affect website ranking?

Backlinks or Inbound links are considered an important scope of search engine optimization SEO. In this article we will clarify what a backlink

How Backlinks improve website ranking on search engines.

How Android App can grow your business?

Nowadays, every business needs an android app to reach more customers. Mobile App are not only used for social media apps or games,

Android app is a necessary step for every successful business.

Increase website ranking using search engine optimization SEO

Not many people know how to increase the website ranking through the SEO different strategies, and how Search engine optimization increase traffic and target more potential customers.

You can use SEO strategy to increase traffic and attract potential customers to your website

Productivity depend on workplace

Our mission in code95 is Creating a motivating and faithful environment for our team members that faster creativity, ownership and innovation that allows

productivity and healthy work environment

IDC Announces Opening of New Research Centre in Egypt

International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the opening of its new research office in Cairo’s Smart Village.The global technology research and consulting services firm

International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the opening of its dedicated new office in Cairo's Smart Village.

5 Steps to Expand your Network to Improve your Business

Expanding your network is essential for your business
If you don’t expand your network,you’ll lose opportunities !
We all know that network is important for

If you don’t expand your network,you’ll lose opportunities !

Happy Mother’s Day !

Mother’s day is the one time a year designated to show the most important women in our lives just how much we care, but so

mom day-1-0١-0١-0١

Build your online store now !

Be available 24/7 and let your customers visit you during their appropriate time. Build your online store now.
Online marketing is a ball moving forward

Online marketing is a ball moving forward at the speed of light.Be available 24/7 and let your customers visit you. Build your online store now.

Online Marketing is the answer !

You don’t need many hands but automation. Do online marketing.
Have your own business? And still wondering about how to keep up with the development of the

You don't need many hands but automation. Do online marketing.

Website for business is inevitable

Having a website nowadays for your business is inevitable,but what really matters is it Responsive ?!

Surely it is a surprising thing to ask a businessman what

As a businessman don't have a website, you're missing out the opportunity to use the most available powerful marketing tools to market your business. It's inevitable!!

We scrutinize the idea effectively

We don’t just erect whatever comes our way. The first step is to hand-pick the best projects.Only then, are we ready to start

If we don't scrutinize the idea however its creativity, it will never be an actual business.

Let us work together

Let us do it !
Ready to create the next big thing?
Work with Code95 and you won’t be frustrated.

Ready to create

Be on the top for whatever search your user made.

It is the process of getting traffic from the free organic search results on search engines.
Where will SEO go this year ?
Follow us

Service post SEO

Marketing funnel

Marketing funnel is the process by which would-be customers move from first awareness of your brand to post-sale evangelism.

marketing funnelB

World class quality,Personalized service.

Combined with an Agile process and Scrum world methodologies,
Code95 will incorporate your company’s vision to deliver World class quality
into your entire web

World class quality2

The first mobile phone call

First mobile phone call was in 1973, smartphone penetration worldwide is growing and in Egypt reached 33.5% in 2016, 1/3 of population using mobile apps

martin cooper using mobile phone

We take a client-focused approach that puts you first.

The earlier the site manifest in the search results list,the better outcomes you get.
Our mission is to improve the presence of your website.So we take

SEO service

Be our guest

Our web hosting plans are suitable for all types of websites.
A host you can trust to get your website,blog or e-commerce shop online quickly.
Be our

Time Management Planning

Time management refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency

Time management refers to the way of organizing and planning how long you spend on specific activities to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Smartphone is the first screen

Forget about high ranking in Google if your website has not passed the check on easy viewing on mobile devices: Google penalizes websites that are

Forget about high ranking in Google if your website has not passed the check on easy viewing on smartphone and mobile device. Google penalizes websites that are not adapted to mobile devices.

We know how to impact

We take the time to understand your business and know your customer’s closely ,the reason we create and optimize websites to be more efficient sales


Code95 launched 3 major Egyptian projects online in 2015

We proudly say that Code95 wrapped up 2015 with three projects that yield a good return on Egypt in different sectors and categories. As we

We proudly say that Code95 wrapped up 2015 with three projects that yield a good return on Egypt in different sectors and categories.

Code95 in the Intelligent Cities Exhibition

Because Code95 have a futuristic look on what can be done to offer a cutting-edge and smart valuable solutions. We always keep an eye on


Code95 launched the Egypt Economic Development Conference Online!

One of the major and critical conferences that will happen in Egypt during the upcoming days is the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) hosted by


Code95 ICT Innovative award

We proudly say that Code95 is an ICT award winner, we have applied for Egypt innovate ICT award 2014 organized by Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Center


Code95 Appreciation Month

The least we can do is to thank our customers for being loyal and trusting Code95 as a service provider for their needs, so we


6th of October victory keywords and their impact on your business and career level

In the past few days, Egyptians celebrated the 6th of October as a commemoration of their victory on Israel.And because we have to take advantage


Early detection kills the beast!

Code95 can’t skip October without shedding a light on the critical and lifesaving “breast cancer awareness campaign” that is currently running. Hand in hand we


The Newspaper Industry Is Invading Our Workshop!

There is no doubt that newspapers have a significant role in our society as it conducts various types of news related to different social aspects

Code95 has been interested in providing web and mobile solutions for some Egyptian newspaper agencies ex: – (Daily News Egypt /El bursa / El Badil /Sharek).

Feast Buns!

Despite the tiredness and the effort the Egyptian women exert every year to make the feast buns. It is a beautiful tradition; the main purpose


The teamwork led Germany to the world Cup 2014!

Although Germany didn’t have a player like the legend Leon Messi who is considered to be the best soccer player of


Build a barrier against Ebola

Because your safety and health really matter, today Code95 will illuminate you about the Ebola virus. It is sad and heartbreaking to see many people

Because your safety and health really matter, today Code95 will illuminate you about the Ebola virus.

No hocus pocus are done!

A lot of people think marketers are magicians or some sort of genies, where actually they are not more than ordinary people who know how


Get out of your shell!


Don’t be like a turtle hiding in a shell and moving slowly, be like a rabbit run fast, increase your sales channels and outrun your competitors


About Web design in Egypt!

web design in Egypt gone through a lot of challenges and changes during the technology revelation we are going through, these services in Egypt offered

The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.


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