What you need to know before creating e-commerce website

July 18, 2016

E-Commerce is the process of practicing commercial activities including products, services and information. E-Commerce website is not only for buying, selling and trading anything using the internet or any other electronic devices; it also includes commercial advertising, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Point of Sale (POS).

E-Commerce Website covers the following points:

  • The payment process of products or services.
  • Negotiation processes between buyer and seller.
  • Specifications of products and services.
  • Customer service and after-sales service.
  • Advertisings of products and services.
  • Shipping and delivering products and services to the consumer.

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  E-Commerce is divided into 4 types which are:

Business to Business:

e-commerce company business to business

This type is when companies target other companies and sell their products and services to these targeted companies like Cisco Company.




Business to Consumers:

etail is a business to consumers e-commerce website

This type is the common type when companies sell their products directly to the consumer and there are many examples for these companies like etail.




Consumers to Consumers:

ebay is a consumer to consumer e-commerce website

This type is when consumers negotiate and sell products or services to each other directly to  end sales process over the internet like ebay Company.



Business to Government:

This type when companies provide products and services to governments.


Elements needed to build E-Commerce site and online store

-Provide a catalog contains information about the marketed product or service and have a guide to attract visitor and customers to the online store in a suitable place to market these products like a website or a billboard inside famous websites.

-Provide a service to receive orders, and this service is usually an online application.

-Provide a service to receive the paid money; this service can be a bank account, electronic cart, e-wallets, credit cards and traditional payment by traditional mail.

-Provide a service to transport and deliver products to customers.

-Provide a service to handle the frequently asked questions (FAQ).




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