What are the golden rules of blogging?

August 01, 2016

It’s a frequently asked question; what are the golden rules in blogging? The truth is that there isn’t just one golden rule; there is a group. These rules will guarantee the full success of your articles if you follow them carefully. On the contrary, if you ignore them you will waste your time writing unreadable articles that no one will exert effort to read.

Top golden rules in blogging

1-What are you writing and who are your targeted audiences?

know your target audience is important in golden rules of blogging

The first rule is that the professional blogger should know who will read his article. As a result; the blogger will has a good idea how the content of his article should be? And what sort of information he should present and whether the provided content will be light or not. So, the followed method in your writing will determined according to your targeted audiences.

2-Measure the result of your article

measure your result is one of the golden rules in blogging

The second rule in the golden rules is to determine the purpose of your article before writing it. The expected result of your article has a very important impact on the success of your article. At least, by listing your goals from writing the content, you will be able to evaluate your ability as a good writer. Besides, you can measure the success or failure of your article and whether you reach your expected goal.

3-Search before writing

researches before blogging is important

As a professional blogger, you should do research using your targeted keyword before writing your article. By doing this you will have an idea what other companies wrote about this targeted keyword. You can open at least the first 3 links of the search results and try to collect information and write down notes to help you organize your thoughts.

4-Write catchy title and introduction

titles of your articles should be catchy

The ordinary visitor usually takes a quick look at the titles before reading the whole article. The user will read the article only if his eyes catch the title he wants to see. It’s preferable to write direct and obvious title. If the user starts reading the article, the first thing he will read is the introduction which should be related to the targeted idea. Regardless the rest of the article, the introduction determines whether the user will continue reading the article or not. As a result, you should pay effort to make the introduction creative and unique enough to attract the user.

5-How user and search engines see your content?

golden rules of blogging increase your rank on searh engine

After planning, searching and writing, you should divide your articles into paragraphs. If the article contains a lot of information, you can write subheading titles with a paragraph to make it easy for the user to follow it. Adding videos and images related to your article will increase the value of your content. Inbound links also will be a great addition to the content in order to raise your rank in search engines.

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6-Check the full article, Publish and Engage

engagement with your audience is very important for your business

Now you are ready to publish your article, but you can preview it once again before publishing it. Read the full article carefully to see if you should change anything or not. You can add a share button to allow your visitors to share your content. It’s preferable to engage with your audiences, receive their questions and discuss with them their comments. It will be a good idea to know the effect of your article and know the point of view of your users.

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