Successful Strategies for B2B e-Commerce

Strategies to build B2B e-Commerce site
September 14, 2016

It is expected that e-commerce is witnessing significant growth in the coming years, especially trade between companies (b2b e-commerce), so it is necessary to know what is necessary to build a successful e-commerce site.

This article focuses on the key factors that must be taken into account when building an e-commerce site (B2B). The first and basic step is not how to design this website, but the focus on the customer and what is needed to make the online purchase process workable for them.

build b2b e-commerce website

To build a successful b2b e-commerce site you should keep in mind the following points:

How people search for your products?

Knowing the name or names released by your customers on your products not the name in your catalog affects the keywords, the menus and topics on the website.

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How decision-makers take the decision?

In e-commerce between businesses (b2b e-commerce), more than one person involved in the decision of purchase process, and what is preferable to someone may not be preferable by others, but the special characteristic of your products such as quality, price or rating, affects the visual design to your own e-commerce.

b2b e-commerce sites

International markets

Legal and cultural issues can greatly affect the e-commerce process between companies, especially what is related to goods which are used in factories or resold. For example, issues such as measurement units have different meanings around the world, so this measurement units need to be translated and converted to the local meaning or definition to be understandable for the client.

Client Login Records

Customers often expect to get special offers in b2b e-commerce, and they also expect access to a dedicated shop for them to meet their needs when they log in, so the store manager must be able to add companies to carry out a dedicated area for those companies.

b2b e-commerce websites between corporations


The client roles in buying and logging-out process

In b2b e-commerce, many decision makers often involve in the purchase process, and this requires the existence of multiple roles for the user/client in the purchase process. Someone is responsible for making the order and someone else will approve. This ability to do different roles for the client is very important in e-commerce between businesses.

Building site for b2b e-commerce

As the first stage in the process of building an e-commerce site is taking into account the client’s needs, then thinking about the used technology must be focused on the purchase process and how to add records / multiple roles for clients, or how to add exclusive presentations for corporations, so the database programmer should assures the need to do this in the beginning because it is difficult to add them later.


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